Shoes For Summer


Ah, summer feet. Sweaty, slippery, and covered in blisters. Sound familiar? Trying to find the right shoes to wear all summer is the struggle. What are you supposed to put on your feet when it’s a thousand humid degrees outside? And how do you make it look good? Figure it out with this challenge: If you could only wear three shoes this entire summer season, what would they be? What you need is all-encompassing practicality—shoes to wear to work, to wear out, to wear to the beach, to wear everyday… Here are the five pairs (three was a challenge, and just not reasonable) Team ITG decided on. What are yours?

A Ballet Flat

Arguably the perfect shoe. Thanks to the number of sunny French films starring Jean-Paul Belmondo as a shirtless, bronzed heartbreaker with a ballet-flat-wearing muse by his side as they explore the Italian countryside, these A.P.C. Porselli flats really feel like the most wearable footwear for summer. Even if that’s not true, aesthetically, you need these.

A Canvas Tennis Shoe

Canvas for breathability. High tops for stability. Wear them to your next sporting event, walk in the park, or just wear them with denim every single day this season. Superga x Alexachung made these ones, which are the precise right shade of off-white.

A Nerdy, Waterproof Sandal

Like these bright red Tevas! Ideal if you’re tripping around at the beach or in the mountains. Maybe even on a rainy day? It helps that they’re easy to pack so you can take them wherever you go this summer.

A Two-Inch Heeled Mary Jane

Surprisingly comfortable are these Carel Kina Mary Janes. Equally as comfortable are these Repetto Rose Mary Janes. Both look great with literally anything. Besides, you absolutely need at least one pair of Picnic At Hanging Rock, vibe-y shoes for summer. Otherwise what’s the point?

A Sturdy Pair Of Trainers

When it’s time for a break, throw on Nike Air Max 95 OGs—they’ll make you feel invincible. Wear with a pair of lightweight socks that’ll soak up the sweat and you won’t get blisters. You can do anything in these! Go find yourself a margarita. Happy trails, everybody.

—as told to ITG

Photo via Getty.