If I Gave You $100, What Beauty Products Would You Buy?


Hello and welcome to a little game I like to call "Playing With Other People's Money." The rules are simple: Take our proposed budget ($100, give or take) and decide how to spend it. Something you were probably going to daydream about anyway! As this is ITG, the theme is—you guessed it—the best beauty products you can possibly think of. I don't care where they come from—Sephora, Dermstore, CVS, the choice is yours. I'm your host Emily Ferber...let's get started.

But wait! A challenge to make things interesting. (And you thought this was going to be an easy and relaxing fake internet gameshow with no prizes.) Yes, you may have a very generous $100 budget to spend on beauty products, BUT you must stretch that coin to cover a minimum of three (3) individual products. Bonus points for more than three. Special sexy extra credit for spending exactly $100 (excluding tax because this is still not a real gameshow).

OK, ready? Set. Spend!

—Emily Ferber

Photo via ITG.