Jessica Wu, E-Commerce Director and Stylist


"I have many hats. I am primarily an e-commerce director for my friend's brand, Peter Do, which is based in New York City. We just launched a capsule collection, including this earring. On the side of that, I'm also a wardrobe stylist. I started styling for fun in college, and it evolved into me being able to get consistent clients. I also produce shoots! Through my styling jobs, I noticed that a lot of people didn't really have the knowledge, or even capability, to create a package for themselves-find a great makeup artist, a great hair person, a great studio... It's very difficult for people to put things together. I was doing that very casually, and then it turned into producing lookbooks and fashion shows for my friends. I don't do much production anymore, but I'd love to get back into it. And then, I also model. Everything's very last minute—it changes every single day.

I love a dewy, glossy face, but at the same time, when I'm doing editorial, I love a crazy eye or insane lips-a whole situation. I don't wear much makeup—my day-to-day is black eyeliner and basic skin. But I have such a strong appreciation for makeup, and I admire so many of the people I work with. It's such an intense craft-after all these years observing and seeing what they do, it's even more mind-boggling to me.

In the morning, I basically just do my toner, which is CLE Cosmetics Lifting Mist, and then Innisfree's Green Tea Serum, or Drunk Elephant C-Firma. That one has this 'reservoir effect,' so it lasts for like 72 hours, so I only use it every few days. On top of it I usually put sunscreen. Three of my day products have sunscreen. I first put on a Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF—that has SPF 35 I think—and then Nars Primer, which has 50 SPF. Then, I finish with CLE Cosmetics CCC Cream, which also has SPF. That's my basic finish. I use Glossier Stretch Concealer every single day, applied with my fingers. Stretch Concealer is actually one of my favorite products. I have the Nars Soft Matte Pot Concealer, which is good for blemishes because it's matte. But I don't like looking like I haven't slept, and the Stretch Concealer is perfect for the undereye.

At night, I switch out the SPF for Dr. Jart Water Drop. The consistency melts, almost-it comes out semi-translucent, and it kind of just melts into water on your face. And then I use Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream. My friend works at Karla Otto, and she invited me to this event with the doctor Augustinus Bader, who started the skincare line. I got to meet him, and listen to the whole philosophy of the brand, which I really like. I use The Rich Cream, which they say you should use just by itself, but I like to use it after a toner or a serum. The great thing about that product is that when I'm so tired at the end of the day, I can just use that after washing my face. You feel plump after. I use it mostly at night, and a lip mask from Laneige. It's a little pink applicator, and it makes your lips super plump in the morning. I have to make sure I don't sleep with covers over my face, which I like doing, because it gets all over my comforter.

If I were to go out, I feel like I want to look a little more funny and crazy. I usually do something with my eyes. I used to wear lipstick a lot, but I really like eating—I feel like I eat every few hours, and reapplying lipstick is such a hassle! So, no lipstick. Or I'd just wear it as a look and take it off before my meal-I've definitely done that. In that case I'm a red lip girl. A red lip with an eye can be a lot, but sometimes I really want to go over the top. I always do a wing, but once I used red eyeshadow and accented it a bit, and then wore a red lip. It was crazy, but I was into it.

Every day I use NYX Liquid Liner to draw a wing—it's just a standard liquid liner that comes with a really fine brush. I've been using that since probably the end of high school. It's a good drugstore option—this one has been the best for me, and it stays on all day, too. I use Boy Brow, which I only started using recently. I have really light brows, and I've never really cared much about them, but I feel like I can accentuate them a little bit with that. I use it in Black. I have Milk Makeup's Eye Vinyl, which I really like because I always looked for a glossy lid product, but never found one that actually worked and stayed on. This stays on all day. It is sticky, so if it's windy your hair is gonna get on it, but the finish is perfect. It's supposed to be iridescent, but it goes on pretty sheer, which I like. I have Lidstar—I have every single one—and I love that because it's so easy to apply. I also use this electric blue eyeliner from Wet'n'Wild. It's super blue. It has a fine tip, so you can really make whatever you want, but I usually do a wing. I also have a Nars Multiple Stick in Siam, which is a bright red. I use that mostly on my eyes-you can use it on your cheeks and lips, but I love it on my eyes. It's really pigmented. I never wear blush, because I feel like my face gets red really easily. People have literally asked me, 'What blush are you wearing?' And I'm like, 'I'm just warm right now!' [Laughs] I use Haloscope in Quartz, and I apply it from the top of my brow bone to the top of my cheekbone. I usually just use Burt's Bees Lip Balm in Cucumber Mint to finish off.

If I want to do something more, I'll take the Nars Multiple and get it super pigmented on the bottom, and then just pull it out so it blends into your face. It's like, fire-engine red. I have some lipsticks that are not a matte finish, which I really like. I have this liquid lip stain from Tony Moly, this Korean brand. It finishes pretty deep, but you can also—I don't know if you know, but one of the big beauty trends in Korea is putting lip stain inside of your lip. It's good for that type of bitten look, but it's also good for a whole look because it's really easy to apply-it's like a lip gloss brush, basically. That has a glossier finish, too. I have two Nars lipsticks—one was from when I worked at Mansur Gavriel, it was our mandatory color, but I actually really like it. It's a deeper red. And then I have one from a Korean brand that's like a brighter red. I have another from Nars that's a more coral-red—it's called Lana, I think. I really like that one because it's more orange. I don't really use chubby sticks or anything, just the whole tube. I have one from Shiseido that's a really pretty dusty rose color. I don't really like it on myself, but I like having the option of a less bright lipstick. Another product I really like from CLE Cosmetics is called the Melting Lip Powder. It's amazing. It is literally a powder-you can see it in the tube-but when you take it out and apply it, it melts into your skin. I actually have that on my lids right now, because it's another multi-use product. I've been using it mostly as an eye product.

I bleached my hair in September of last year—obviously my haircare changed. Olaplex saves everyone's life. I really don't blow dry my hair because I know that I probably shouldn't be doing any sort of heat to it, but when I feel like I have to, or I sleep with wet hair, I just apply that. The finish is so nice, and your hair feels luscious after. On an everyday basis, when I don't have time to wash my hair or feel like I shouldn't, I use Bumble and Bumble Dry Shampoo Powder. I also have It's A 10 with Keratin for every-day use, too, which is great to make your hair instantly feel moisturized. I also have an oil mist from this brand called Nature Lab, which is from Japan. Everything's shaped like a flask or a chemistry thing. They're good for sheen and to make your hair have a silky texture. I work out pretty often, and I don't like the feeling of dirty hair but sometimes I feel like I just have to let it sit. It's good to let oils regenerate in your hair.

Before I bleached my hair, I used to wash it every single day, just because I felt kind of the dirt of the city and the grime of working out was intense. My sister was the one who told me to wash it less frequently, because it lets it draw everything out, basically. I probably wash my hair now like, two to three times a week. I usually put it in a top knot until I get to wherever I'm going, because the texture of my hair has changed now. It's still pretty healthy, but there's some breakage. I try to keep it all together because it flies everywhere and gets tangled. It's pretty straight, but sometimes has a wave to it. When I put it in a bun, it comes out with a nice wave, which I appreciate.

I have Josie Maran's Argan Whipped Body Cream, which I really like. It's a cream, but it's actually pretty light and has a natural scent. I also have Le Labo's body lotion in Hinoki & Avocado, in the tub. For sunscreen, I always go to Neutrogena. And I always get so many bug bites in the summer—it's so terrible! My entire body is just so prone that I have to put on repellant every day. I use Burt's Bees Natural Repellant, which has a pretty strong herby smell, but I feel like I've gotten used to it.

I have three fragrances right now, but I primarily use Replica by Margiela. It's called Beach Walk, and it's my favorite one. It's not girly—I would say most of those fragrances are unisex. This one's kind of toasted, a bit. It sort of smells like sun screen, and it definitely has a beach feel. And then I have Prada Candy, which is a little too sweet for me, but I like the bottle. It's cute. And then I have 10 Crosby's fragrance, which is Looking Glass.

My food Instagram is @therealjessicawu. I actually don't drink, but I have a lot of restaurants I love. I had this crisis like, 'I can't post all food pictures on my regular account, people aren't gonna like that.' So I just made it for fun. It really has become another separate outlet. I cook a lot at home, and I bake. My philosophy is basically cooking healthy at home, and then when you go out, just let yourself go. I love treating myself.

Win Son, in Brooklyn, is at the top of my list right now. It's busy all the time, but you have to go. I also love to get dim sum-it's close to my heart because I always ate it growing up. There's a place on Mott called Golden Steamer, and they do buns of all kinds. They do an egg yolk bun, a custard bun, a pumpkin bun, taro bun. Their roasted pork one is literally the best. Everything is like, 80 cents to a dollar. There's also this place in Chinatown called Jing Fong. It used to be an old theater—it's huge. Just the sheer square-footage of that place is insane. I like going there because it's like a game. You have to catch the ladies in the carts. Usually people don't know how to do it, so they're just waiting like, 'Where is the food?' But I get up and go to the carts, pick up stuff, and go back to my table."

—as told to ITG

Jessica Wu photographed by Tom Newton in New York on April 26, 2018.