How To Do The Most: A Shower Routine


Hey you! If we haven’t already met—I’m Sam! I wrote about my routine not too long ago. (Please, join me over here.) My 'more is more' approach to beauty has been called many things, but this one takes the cake:


My 2018 resolution was to be as thoughtful (maybe neurotic is a better word) about the skin on my body as I am on my face. Easier said than done because if you know anything about me, you know that when I commit to something, I research, obsess, and really do the most possible. So, I’ve been reaaally working on me and to do that means spending as much time making my skin shine like a Kardashian post-Turks & Caicos vacation and smell like the cleanest, warmest, most powerful woman in America. I’m thinking BIG picture here.

Prep work

In this moment, I am sweaty and look exactly like Kayla Itsines because that’s who and what I report to at 6:30AM every morning via #BBG. OK, now strip! The first thing I do in order to make my body a blank canvas for my in-house baptism ceremony is dry brush the whole thing. I found this organic brush on Goop. With a strict five-minutes-per-day regime, I have earned soft, puppy belly skin (teehee!). This one time, at Camp Glossier, Brennan Kilbane brushed against my arm and audibly gasped.

The shower

Now that my bod is prepped, I get in my incredibly regular-looking shower one foot at a time just like everybody else. However, you’ll notice here I’ve gone the extra mile with a filtered showerhead to cut hard water alongside some cute droopy ivy plants for ambiance. My shower really reflects my try-hard approach to wellness. Also, a beauty editor once told me that chlorinated water speeds the aging process aaaand that’s just about all I needed to hear about that.


The first real proddie we’re diving into is Shu Uemura Oil Cleanser Shampoo. My thought process when using expensive haircare is that my scalp is a precious sponge on my head, which needs to be swaddled and pampered like a baby in order to grow me the golden locks I’ve requested of it. The no-suds formula accentuates my waves and makes my hair look like what my sweet, sweet fiancé has described as “golden retriever ears”... Hot!! I don’t know how else to justify the cost other than saying 1. This shampoo makes me feel off-duty celeb due to the price point and also the idea that is has no suds which = peak wavy hair for me 2. I’ve been using drugstore shampoo for like 20+ years so basically I earned this. Right??


Now that my hair is “clean,” we need to convince my crunchy-ass ends that they’re beautiful too. I was low-key hesitant to admit this because I know my dad is going to read this article (my #1 fan) and question all of my financial decisions, but you only live once, Dad! Hair Rituel Regenerating Hair Care Mask by Sisley is made of everything beautiful and expensive in this world. The biggest appeal to me is the cocktail of incredible oils and vitamins. I brush all those good buttery ingredients through with a wide-toothed comb while whispering kind affirmations to the strands and leave it in for approximately 10 minutes. This is hard for me to believe but I do not, I really mean this, even need to put oil in my hair after I treat myself to this mask. Insane.

Now we wait

While we wait for the mask to reverse a decade of bleach damage, I turn off the water and do a series of odd foot regimes. There is nothing more invigorating than taking a pumice stone straight to the foot. I don’t care how much of a rush I’m in, I’ll always take 30 seconds to scrub my feet. It’s all about maintaining—this way I won’t have to sprint to a pedicure should I break out the flip flops. Try it! I buy the stones in bulk on Amazon from Mr. Pumice and my feet are soft AF. I also do a little sugar and coconut oil scrubby action up my ankles once a week or so. Feels nice.

Body cleanser

Scent is very important to me but I’m also incredibly particular… Everything that touches my body must have just the right amount of scent—not too much, not too little. I like to think the first layer is the most important (the one in the shower) because it really sets the tone and lets me have a light hand with perfume later (Le Labo Jasmin 17). This Korres body wash (also jasmine-scented) is the best. More purifying and intoxicating then it is floral granny, u feel me?

Body moisturizer

Once we’ve exited the sauna and so gently patted ourselves dry with a lovely organic towel from The Graces, we like to seal the deal with a special glow concoction. It’s a palm full of Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream mixed with a few pumps of the Herbivore Jasmine Body Oil and a strategic last ingredient... the Tan-Luxe Body Self-Tan Drops. The glow that this creates is un. Real. I seriously feel like there is nothing that could be more powerful than me when I put a layer of hydration and shimmer on freshly shaved legs. The scent from the lotion duo is what I’d imagine Sookie Stackhouse smells like to vampires, is that weird?


I want to take a moment to say that this is so beyond unnecessary if you’re just a normal, hormonally-balanced, sane human being looking to live your life. But I’m pumped to completely one-up even myself and add my most secret ingredient. NuBody makes a microcurrent device for your bod, which I feel is all the rage in 'face things to try' right now so I’m getting ahead of the competition. Apparently if I rub the battery powered steel ball shaped device against my thighs/arms/stomach/whatever in a routine fashion it will encourage my skin to be smoother and firmer. Listen, I’m just an average girl looking to be in complete control of aging gracefully. So far so good.

Body butter

On in-between days when I’m not doing my full blast body glow, I maintain moisture with the Japanese Camellia Cream by The Body Shop. I don’t want to freak you out, but I would eat this product if it was safe. I’m so deeply in love with its scent and texture that I would ice my entire five-tier wedding cake with it and then squat to the ground, arms back, and lunge forward with full force to toss my entire body directly into it.

—Samantha Wilson

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