What's The Deal With Skin Purging?


Since the advent of the internet (or at least Reddit), beauty myths don't stand a chance. Everything you thought you knew about beauty was actually a lie and nothing is sacred. It's like an internet blood sport now: That freezing rinse at the end of your shower doesn't really make your hair shinier. Pores don't open (or close, for that matter). Plucking gray hairs won't make them grow back with friends in tow. Can't argue with cold hard facts. Even if they do kill your dreams and make you question literally everything you've ever done to your face, hair, and body.

Of all the beauty myths that have found their satisfying ends, there's still one that the ITG team cannot make heads or tails of. So we humbly ask for your help in this confusing time: What is up with skin purging? Real? Not real? A bad sign? A good sign? How do you know it's different from your run of the mill breakout? How long should you suffer before you give up? Is there any hope of true happiness in this world?

Personal tales and unpopular opinions welcome. We don't know what to believe anymore.

Photo via ITG.