Tom's Only Shopping On Amazon Now, OK?


I'm a firm believer in the idea that money cannot buy you happiness. I'll stick with that. But let me also say: Buying something cheap that greatly improves my day-to-day life is something sort of special and magical. So, actually, it is almost like buying happiness. Usually this happens at Ikea when I find some multicolored bath mat for $10 that makes me smile every single morning as I step out of the shower. Or, a toothbrush holder to replace the one I got at Target and that I love so much I show it to everyone who comes over. Lately though, I'm getting this special and magical feeling from Amazon—and it's all with things I keep in my pantry.

Everyone seems to have a totally different take on grocery shopping, though. Some people despise it and stick to their Fresh Direct deliveries; others sort of happen to live off that Hello Fresh or Plated subscription they keep forgetting to cancel; some just shop at Key Foods and their local bodegas; there are those people in the middle of America who will throw down their lives for Publix and Wegmans. And those who make a lot more than the rest of us just buy everything at Whole Foods. Personally, I like Trader Joe's—but the reality is you cannot get everything at one place yet. Except Amazon! So here's everything in my virtual grocery cart right now:

The Supplements

Catie's Organic Greens: Because I want in on that lifestyle but am not here for all the acid and sugar you get with drinking an actual green juice. Then I'll add Ashwagandha because I'm going through a phase where I'll try anything that claims to moderate stress and stabilizing blood-sugar.

The Smoothie Add-Ins

Maca powder, every time, because it tastes like caramel and the internet says it's good for you. And ground flaxseed, because heart health, and because the whole ones are too painful and sharp!

Use Them Together

Ghee coffee booster, Golden Milk, and Oatly Oat Milk. Saving me the price of getting this at the cafe near our office.

The Toppings

If you are in NYC, I highly suggest going to Scarr's Pizza and getting not only a slice, but their caesar salad, which is doused in nutritional yeast. Because if the idea of it sounds weird to you, it won't after trying this. Then buy it on Amazon. And, if you've never tried Mike's Hot Honey, which can be hard to find, just know that it is necessary. Same goes for Coconut Aminos to ditch that soy sauce sodium-induced sushi face. And then cacao nibs because they taste just as good as chocolate chips but are meltier and healthier for you?! Clear win-win.

The Staple

Nuttzo butter—crunchy. Because both peanut butter and almond butter deserve a refresh and this is it.


A salad for your skin! Here it is.