The Hippie Grind Returns!


A long, long time ago, on a site very much like the one you're currently visiting (OK, it was this site, just feels different four years later), a stylist with a penchant for dry brushing started a wellness column. If you've been thirsty for some slightly crunch beauty advice ever since, you're in luck. Our erstwhile correspondent, Stevie Dance, is back! This time, the crunch is on the road. Her beauty take on traveling starts now:

I jump on a plane once a week, mostly for my work. At first, this seemed fun and spontaneous. Now it feels more like some form of endurance exercise one can only master when armed. The airplane travel spirits love to bestow on our bodies wonderful gifts: dark eye bags, all-over hellish dehydration, wonky sleep patterns, and wicked skin issues. Most of these stem from the stale air and the deprivation of basic nutrients in an environment devoid of sun, oxygen and—let's face it—food. When it comes to travel, I’ve found it pays to be prepared. One month into 2018 and with lots of trips planned for the next year, I wanted to share some of the alternative wonders that help keep me from looking and feeling like a shoe. Whether your trip be by the hour or by the day, this year or next, here it is: The Hippie Grind, Travel Edition.

Before Flying

The morning of a flight, I oil pull with organic extra virgin coconut oil when I wake up. This is before I brush my teeth and before drinking water (if possible, though not always tolerable). I’ll swoosh around the oil for as long as I can handle and spit it out. This leaves me feeling as prepared as possible in those vulnerable areas like my throat and nose prior to a flight. I've also noticed an improvement in my gum health and, in turn, my complexion.

My morning routine also includes a green juice. It’s the quickest way I know of to get the hit of phytonutrients my body deserves. I make mine at home, and it’s super simple: celery and touch of lemon. Purified water with a squeeze of lemon can work, too—the original alkaline fluid. Staying hydrated, I have found, is my best bet for my complexion. I also take Dr Barbara Sturm’s Skin Food and Ora Nothing Fishy Here Plant-Based Omega-3 Spray.

On a press trip from Paris to Seoul with team Chanel earlier this year, just before we took off, each Parisian Chanel ambassador dutifully put on his or her compression socks. My friends in France say many women wear them daily to avoid swelling and superficial veins. They are kind of gnarly to get on and quite tight, so I like to do that at home. It’s super important for circulation and I found they reduce and prevent swelling in my legs by increasing the pressure in the tissue under the skin. It used to take me a day to deflate after a long flight internationally—these keep me mobile at the ready.

I like to strip down my skincare routine for any flight—keeping things hydrated, but not heavy with product. Sunday Riley’s Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment and Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Blood Face Cream do the trick, followed by my favorite balm, Emugency Stick, on my eyelids and my lips to keep them from cracking. Best drugstore product ever.

My On-Board Packing List

  • Spirulina tabs from Pure Hawaiian Spirulina.
  • Wellness Formula because I like to keep my immune system as strong as possible.
  • Lypricel Liposomal Vitamin C packets, diluted in water. I’ve found this to be super transformative for my skin.
  • Nutribiotic Nasal Spray is a lubricant with grapefruit seed extract that I spray in my nose as I fly to keep the humidity in my system flowing. When my nose dries up, it shows in my skin, particularly under my eyes.
  • Natural Life Propolis and Manuka spray for my throat.
  • A cotton scarf from Petit Bateau. I use this to cover my nose and mouth on the plane. People often find it strange—to be fair, it is—but it helps.
  • The Humidiflyer. I have never tried this, but fellow Australians rave about it. It’s a mini portable face steam mask contraption. If you can weather the weirdness, it could do wonders.

My Recovery Routine

After flying, I have a quick routine to rehabilitate. First, I’ll make myself a cup of tea with a few drops of Ballot-Flurin Extrait de Propolis in it and eat a piece of fruit. I dry brush my skin, after which I apply Now Solutions Almond Oil all over my body and jump in the shower. To help with any discoloration or inflammation under the eyes, I’ll use a Neti Pot. You can find portable ones that aren't too heavy.

Then I’ll mask. I like Cellfood Oxygen Gel—it’s got a jelly vibe and feels super hydrating. Literally like you are feeding your face. Then, to regenerate circulation in my face, I just massage the hell out of it with my Lindo Cheek Massager. It’s really lightweight and easy to pack and is only $10. Otherwise, a jade roller works too.

—Stevie Dance

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