The New York City Beauty Tour, Deeper Cuts


New York is simultaneously the best and worst city to visit on vacation. The best because there's literally nothing you can't do here. Want to eat pizza while sitting in a pool of red wine? Definitely doable. Care to get a cocktail in a makeshift igloo while wearing a borrowed fur? Absolutely possible.

But it's also the worst because of those same things. There are simply too many options. Decision fatigue sets in immediately and leaves you sitting in your hotel room, eating subpar room service and watching Sex & The City reruns on the free HBO. Way to be lame on your vacation, friend. Don't let this happen to you! Instead, carve out a niche for yourself. Like visiting all the best beauty establishments nestled between the East and Hudson Rivers. (Actually, there are a few in Brooklyn, too.) Already worked your way through V1 of this itinerary? No worries–we've got even more places to drop by for nails, hair, probiotic beauty potions... It's all below, and it begins now.


3PM: The weekend starts after you digest a late lunch on Friday, right? Since we're working with limited time today, we're gonna keep everything real close to home. First, sweat out the week at Higher Dose's Infrared Sauna outpost at 11 Howard. Book a solo spot—you're going to want to be very naked for this. The infrared light heats the body more efficiently then an old-fashioned steam room so the sweat really does come pouring out of you. But then so does the glow.

4PM: Shower off, but don't worry about your hair. Instead, march yourself a block up to Spoke + Weal Soho, the finest purveyors of the dry haircut. Treat your dead ends to a quick trim and the smoothest blowout south of Houston.

5PM: And because you're in the area, maybe come say hi? The Glossier Showroom is open 'til 8!

5:45PM: Hop on the train at Canal and head south to Century 21. Might sound strange, but hidden somewhere in their Next Century boutique is Fantasy Nail, the nail art brainchild of Alicia Torello. Make sure to book some time for designs—and may we suggest a few from our minimalist menu right over here?

7PM: OK now you can go back to your hotel (home), get subpar room service (takeout), and watch SATC reruns.


10AM: Sleep in! It's the weekend.

11AM: Head uptown first and make your way downtown with each stop. For a quick but decadent breakfast, stop at the Maison Kayser at 74th and 3rd. Coffee and a croissant, please.

12PM: Walk from there to Fivestory. The high-end boutique just gave its 3rd floor over to Boston-based clean beauty heavy-hitter Follain. Their carefully edited selection is all natural and mainly organic. A fun browse, and they have plenty of trial sizes that'll pass the TSA. See if you can swipe a Tammy Fender sample—that's the ticket.

1PM: Time to hop on the train and head to the East 30s. Specifically Besfren, a Korean beauty shop Glossier's own MZ Goodman frequents. Pick up a few sheets from their wall of masks (the Dr. Jart Ceramidin is always the way to go). And what's the harm? They're all under $10. Check out and walk through historic Flatiron to your next destination...

2PM: Which is none other than the Best Facial In New York at Rescue Spa. Why say more when it's all written down over here? Opt for the Bio Lift. You've heard it here for a reason.

3:30PM: Now float your way west (on foot, but most likely in a cab) to C.O. Bigelow Chemists. Yes, that C.O. Bigelow! It's based on a real place. Get lost in the aisles packed with everything from Mason Pearson brushes to Avéne to Rodin Lip Balm rings. Everything you need and even more you don't.

4PM: Assuming you have energy left, schedule in one more stop in the West Village. Specifically at CAP Beauty. Yes, another clean beauty emporium—but this one has elixirs! If you ask nicely, they might make you one of their Sun Potion-fueled concoctions. Tastes like an almond milk latte, but with better cosmic energy.

4:45PM: Hungry yet? Yeah, there's no time to eat in this schedule—too much beauty! Well, treat yourself to an early drink (make it a Bloody Mary, basically vodka with a side of veggie platter) at Bar Sardine. Put your name in at Emily—wait the obligatory hour—then feast on burgers and pizza 'til you're silly. You walked some today—you deserve it.


11AM: Yesterday was exhausting, so today roll right out of bed and right into a treatment room at the newly opened Bamford Haybarn Spa at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. Opt for a body treatment (a scrub is essentially a massage and exfoliation in one) with some of Claudia Schiffer's favorite bath products.

12:30PM: Since you're in Brooklyn, why not mosey over to Twisted Lily on Atlantic. No joke, here lies the most helpful perfume shop in the country. Scent trials involved rounds and rounds of sniffing blends you've never heard of—and then going out into the world and smelling your favorites IRL. Really! They'll ask you to leave. But it's worth it.

1:15PM: May as well make one last stop before calling it a weekend. Shen Beauty has the same vibe as CAP and Follain—but with brow tinting! Never end an ITG patented Beauty Tour without tinting your brows. It's the law.

Going to London? We've got a beauty tour there, too.