Gelcream Curates Your Fall Nail Looks


When it came time to cast our fall nail story, there was only one hand we wanted to work with. Gelcream, of course—the woman who holds the best things on Instagram. (See for youself.) We've already had the pleasure of her #ITGTopShelfie, and now you all have the pleasure of viewing a curated selection of the best nail colors for this, or any, season. An added bonus: Beverage suggestions! For no reason other than fun. You in?

Yellow and green. Sun and grass. That's how I would start a week. And because it's never too, I am wearing J.Hannah nail polish in Relic and having an anti-inflammatory shot (spinach, cucumber, able, ginger and turmeric). I love J.Hannah's nail polishes: best colors and a very cool, vintage looking bottle. 

It took me a while to get into the coconut water movement. I hated the taste, but one day it just clicked. Now I wouldn't call myself a big fan, but I am a coconut water drinker. Coconuts remind me of holidays by the beach and I really like this denim-blue color on my nails—it's so important to see the sky (even if it's just on your hands when it gets dark at 4PM). This color is Irresistible by Revlon and the coconut water is by Harmless Harvest.

This glass I found at a flea market for less than a $1 and since then it's my cheer-up go-to. Very festive and I love drinking Rosé from it for no reason. Black nails is a reminder that even bad days deserve a celebration! I am wearing Context in Fade to Black and matte top coat by Jin Soon. Rosé by Angels & Cowboys.

Beige and brown are my favorite shades of nail polish, neutral and classy. I wear them all year round and I have an impressive collection. In this photo I am wearing Butter in Royal Appointment and drinking black tea with milk. Butter is one of my favorite nail polish brands–they last for a while, have tons of interesting colors, and are easy to apply.

I believe that a small amount of a strong spirit only does a mind and body good, so sometimes I sip whiskey. Whiskey is a serious drink and I suggest you come prepared and match your nails. I am drinking Bulleit and wearing Smith & Cult in Tang Bang. I am the biggest fan of this nail polish brand—I rarely say it but go get some Smith & Cult if you've never tried it.

I don't think much text is needed here. I feel like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell. I am wearing a silk slip dress and I have no plans for tomorrow. I am drinking champagne and wearing China Glaze in (attention!) Best Ponies Forever on my nails. That's all.

After all those drinks, I only want water. Pearlescent green is a very irregular choice of color for me. But sometimes it is important to be a little more adventurous. Wearing Dior in Emerald (it comes in the cutest little bottle) and drinking San Pellegrino with ice. Not spiked but still exciting.

—Yana Sheptovetskaya

Photographed by the author.

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