Turn Your Shower Into An Oasis


Not a morning person by nature, in order to get myself up around the same time (one hour after) my alarm begins ringing, I like to play a little game called “Thinking About Showering.” It goes like this: I imagine myself in a jungle oasis of a shower, where plants surround me and the scent of neroli fills the air. My bed situation—comfy, but not surrounded by plants or anything that smells like neroli—starts to really pale in comparison. Within a matter of minutes, you couldn’t pay me to stay in bed any longer. Must shower.

Still, because I live in New York City and not on a tropical island, my real shower sits in the dark, cramped space that is my tiny bathroom. As soon as I moved in, I realized I'd need something else to get me out of bed in the mornings. So I clicked through nearly every Top Shelf for some inspiration and then set aside a Saturday to gather the necessary tools. Several online orders and a dramatic plant-carrying subway situation later, I’d like to say I was successful. If it’s any indicator, I have at least stayed very clean.

And now! You too can have the shower oasis jungle heaven of your dreams. Here’s how:

Invest In Plant Life

Honestly, you could buy a single tiny plant and set it next to your shampoo, and you’d immediately feel better about your life. But why stop there? I suggest getting excessive in this department. Hang plants from the ceiling. Set them in your shower caddy. Shove some shelves on the wall inside your shower and move all the ferns, snake plants, bamboo and orchids you can find onto them.

Get A Curtain

Maybe it’s typically American of me to say so, but I think shower curtains are necessary, definitely. Or, maybe my in-shower technique is somehow improper and the water wouldn’t be splashing everywhere if I just learned how to do it the right way. In any case, a nice shower curtain can at least class up most bathroom situations. This embroidered one is nice. And because it’s important to regularly switch out your curtain liner, I like the Ikea ones—two bucks!

Get A Better Bath Mat

Bath mats are gross! Buy this teak platform not just because it looks nicer, but because it stays cleaner than a regular old mat ever could. If you're still not convinced, I recommend this mat, for obvious reasons.

Also Get A Mirror (Optional)

Who doesn’t want to gaze at themselves bathing? But really, putting an extra mirror in a small bathroom can help the space to feel larger. (I like this round one from Target.) With a mirror, you'll be able to visibly check whether you’ve rinsed all the shampoo lather out of your hair. Your bathroom's layout will dictate, to an extent, where you’ll actually be able to hang it. But the challenge is part of the fun. Right?

Make It Smell Nice

With bamboo diffusers from Mexico, of course. Then get a candle burning next to your bathroom sink. Slather your limbs in Glossier's Daily Oil Wash. Clean your hair with Windle & Moodie's Nourishing Treatment Shampoo. Inhale deeply.

Consider Your Safety

An anti-slip bathtub mat is more of a necessesity than a luxury, but this one is $12, machine washable, and comes in nine different colors. I can't guarantee with 100% certainty that you'll never fall while shaving your legs again, but your chances of doing so will go down.

Get Organized

Wouldn't it be nice to know where to find your face wash amongst your ever-expanding army of shower products? I think so. Here is where I, once again, sing Muji's praises—which I will do forever. Not only is this shower rack going to help you organize, but you this lovely basket is perfect for stowing towels. This stool will help you get into your tub without having to climb. This sponge soap tray will keep your bar soap from leaving residue everywhere. Feels better already.

—Anna Jube