New Glossier: It’s Not Powder, It’s Wowder


First things first: Time to answer the obvious question, “Why powder, Glossier?”

It’s surprising, right? For years we’ve been evangelists of dewy skin—we’ve got the memes to prove it—and today we launch a powder, the mascot of matte looks from generations ago. The product you thought only your grandmother still used. The never thought Glossier would even think about launching. So, what gives?

A lot actually! The simplest answer is that makeup is about choices. The choice to look the most moisturized you’ve ever looked one day and the choice to blot out your t-zone the next. The choice to think of your skincare as makeup and the choice to set your concealer with something other than hopes and prayers before you leave the house. It’s all fair game. But powders of the past didn’t speak to us anymore. So many go chalky and dull on the skin. White HD formulas don’t work for enough skin tones and will leave you buffing your face until the end of time. Loose powders get everywhere—except your face, which is the only place you wanted it. Yes, we had choices. But we didn’t feel like there were any good choices. Turns out, powder for Glossier makes perfect sense.

Today, we’re very pleased to introduce you to Wowder, here to change your mind about powder. Wowder still gives you that glowy, real-skin finish, just without all the drawbacks of other powders. With Wowder, there’s no dimensionless pancake face, no grey cast, no crazy shine or mineral bounceback if you decide to take a photo with flash. Think of it as a light veil of skin-perfecting sheer pigments, not as a mask you have to wear because someone somewhere one time told you looked shiny. (Forget that, you look great.) On bare skin, it gives a hint of coverage and a bit of blurring without settling into fine lines. On top of Skin Tint, foundation, or concealer, it’s insurance that it’ll all stay put for the rest of the day. No matter what, it’s undetectable and won’t play games with your skintone.

The packaging is pretty fun, too. To make sure the formula stays as airy as possible, we knew we wanted to make a loose, not pressed, powder. But loose powders in rigid packaging never made much sense to us. That’s why we gave Wowder a trampoline mesh compact—bounce your brush in it and emerge with the perfect serving of powder, mess-free. And speaking of brushes: We made one too! The synthetic bristles are angel-soft but still strong, so no broken hairs on your face or in the sink after washing, And the short, Glossier pink handle makes it as easy to control as the powder it was designed with. AND it comes with its own tiny pink pouch. Almost too cute for words.

That’s it! An easy product that’s easy to use. Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be exactly what you want.


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