Glossier Goes International


October 2017 — We're live! In Canada and the UK! More coming soon, so watch this space.

After years of thinking, planning, formulating, and brushing up on our French, we at Glossier are finally ready to share some big news with the world: We’re launching internationally! Ever since Day 1, we’ve dreamt of making Glossier a global beauty movement that celebrates real girls in real life. And that moment is coming up—really soon actually. Like later-this-month soon. A lot has happened since our last post on this topic, so here’s a little more on what this next step means for you, for us, and for Glossier:

With our community

When Glossier launched in the US back in 2014, it felt small—but in a good way. We were able to introduce ourselves locally, start a community, and build something special together. Our message has always transcended borders and cultures and is central to who we are as a brand. With that in mind, every time we launch in a new place, we want to get to know every new market just as well as we’ve gotten to know our US crowd over the past few years.

Intentionally (and perhaps a bit first)

That’s why we’ll be taking this country by country, making sure we nurture each new community like we did with our US crowd.

Later this month, we’ll be launching in Canada (told ya it was soon). Expanding to our neighbors in the North felt like the right next step. One small caveat here: We can’t ship to Québec quite yet. For that, we’re going to need a French website, with all of our marketing translated into French. Ironic, too, because Montréal is actually the site of our first international office. Luckily, GloMo has a whole team of native French speakers who know how to say way more than just “eggs à la française.” So that’s very much in the works and will be up and running as soon as we can get all the right accent marks in all the right places.

After that, we’ll be bringing our talents to the UK! This one’s also near and dear to our hearts. Fun fact: Henry Davis, our COO, and Helen Steed, our Creative Director, are both British expats. We’ll be opening a small office in London in due time. And finally, we’re happy to say that France is getting Glossier, too—in 2018. Those French lessons are really coming in handy. À bientôt!

Where next?

Great question. You tell us! There’s nothing that warms my heart more than hearing from you (the comments on this post make the whole company excited for this next step). We can’t make any guarantees yet, but we’re working our hardest to make Glossier global. See that box at the bottom? Drop in your email address in there and we'll let you know when we're coming your way.

(One note: As a cruelty-free brand, we won’t be able to ship anywhere that requires product testing on animals. That’s just part of our philosophy.)

That’s all I’ve got for now—but stay tuned. Big things are happening.
—Emily Weiss

Photo via Glossier.