14 Women On How They Wash Their Faces

There's been some good skin on ITG lately. Not bragging—just stating facts! Big ups to the ladies of the Top Shelf for keeping it clean, soft, and glowy these past couple of months. Lord knows it hasn't been easy. Every day, our declining collective energy, sapped by heat, plus the rising number of aperol spritzes consumed per capita are making us less apt to wash our faces. That's another fact, just not one based in any statistics. What better time than now to remind and convince everyone to wash up? In the morning, before bed, both, just do it. Pretend you're hanging with one of these ladies while you're doing it. That always helps.

Kelly Rowland

"My daily routine includes washing morning and night with the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex. It's from Shani [Darden] and I love it. I wear makeup daily so I want to feel squeaky clean, and this makes me feel like I got everything off."

Gillian Jacobs, Actress

"I have to be diligent about washing makeup off at night, or I'll break out. I use coconut oil to break down and take off my makeup—it's pretty gentle—and then I use Le Mieux or La Mer to moisturize."

Fara Homidi, Makeup Artist

"I’m really big on cleansing. Whatever cleanser you use, keep it a bit on the gentle side and cleanse your skin in circular motions for two or three minutes. And I’m acne-prone, too, so I go over those oily places when I'm cleansing a little bit more. In the shower I use Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip, which I think makes your skin just feel so good. Then I cleanse again when I’m out of the shower. Which, I don’t necessarily recommend, but the second one adds more moisture. My second cleanse is de Mamiel's cleanser, it's a balm, and I do the circular thing. Then I’ll take a wash cloth and wipe it down."

Janice Alida, Model

“I don't cleanse in the morning—only at night whenever I get home. I use the Avène Cleanance Gel, I really like that. And I follow it up with the 2% BHA liquid exfoliant from Paula's Choice on a cotton pad. Jordana Mattioli, my facialist, recommended that brand to me, and I usually just use whatever she tells me.”

Celine Kaplan, President, Celine Kaplan PR

“You have to take off your makeup at night. Sometimes I don't want to! But I still do it. For now, I'm using the Mario Badescu Foaming Wash. It’s clean, not creamy. You can feel it working. I need to get rid of the 'oily.'”

Ebonee Davis, Model & Activist

“I'm oily in my t-zone, and if I break out, it's along my cheeks. The rest of my skin is dry, and the only thing I use to wash my face is African Black Soap. Every day, only once. If I'm wearing makeup, I'll use Bioderma Créaline to take it off.”

Liz Uy, Stylist

“My favorite thing to use to take my makeup off at night is the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. I’ve loved it since high school. It’s so quick, two minutes and then everything is off. Chanel's eye makeup remover is great, too... I'll never sleep with makeup on no matter how drunk or sleepy I am.”

Emma Watson

“No matter what, I always wash my face at night. I could get back from a shoot at 4 AM and still cleanse, tone, and moisturize before going to bed. People are amazed by this, but it’s just one of those self-care practices that I really enjoy. I think it’s because, when I was going through puberty—particularly around ages 14 and 15—I had really bad skin. So when you get in a good place with you skin, you really appreciate it and try to take care of it.”

Liv Winther, Beauty Director, Cover Magazine

The Ling Cleanser is also good. I'm really into washing cloths. I have muslin cloths and you just put it them the washer and reuse them. I don't use a cloth every day because skin is sensitive but it gets everything off and you can massage your face.”

Louise Follain, Model & Stylist

“I use Bioderma Créaline. Everyone uses it and it's really the best. There isn't even a debate to have about it. I use it to cleanse in the morning and at night and it gets rid of the oil on your skin. If I have mascara that doesn't want to come off with it, I use coconut oil and that works easily.”

Wendy Rowe, Makeup Artist

“At night, if I’ve got makeup I need to take off, I use eye makeup remover first. I’ve got this Lancôme Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover at the moment. And then I use Bioderma for the rest of my face. When I really need to clean deeply, I like the Sarah Chapman Rapid Radiance Cleanse after I’ve already taken all my makeup off.”

Corinne Bailey Rae, Singer

“[Neal's Yard has] this thing, Wild Rose Beauty Balm, which is just an amazing oil thing you can use as a cleanser or a moisturizer. That’s another big tour favorite for me when I’m just really tired and can’t get out of the bed. That stuff just so oily though, it just lifts off makeup.”

Ashley Weatherford, Associate Beauty Editor, The Cut

“When I wake up, I wash my face with Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser—I’m oddly obsessed with it because I really like the texture. And the scent is so subtle with the rosewater… It’s there, but not in your face. It’s a nice experience.”

Kathleen Alcott, Writer

Kathleen Feed
“At night I wash my face with Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk which I find very soothing. I was on a date with a guy once and he was like, 'What does your face smell like? It reminds me of my childhood.' Which I think means that it reminds him of some evil aunt? I think it does smell like old ladies, but I love the way it makes my skin feel.”

Photos via ITG.