Ask Us All Your SPF Questions


While preparing for Sun Week 2017—ITG's onslaught of SPF-related stories, sunny anecdotes, and, of course, one very big Glossier launch—Tom, Emily, and Brennan sat silently in an editorial meeting, buried under the weight of one thousand questions about sunscreen and no ideas where to start. Sunscreen is hands down the trickiest of all product categories. Not only is there tons of literature on the topic, but there's also a fair amount of myth on the web. What is truth, and what is falsehood? ITG's editorial team was stumped.

So just like a UVA ray when it meets some zinc oxide, we're deflecting—does zinc actually deflect? Please help us—to the pros. By pros, we mean the legion of dermatologists, aestheticians, chemists, and artists we've met over the years. They know much more on the topic than we do, so we thought it best to give them a platform. For the next few days, they're all yours. Need on advice on SPF, or got a myth you want to bust? Don't know what the difference between avobenzone and oxybenzone? That's a good one! Post below in the comments and we'll funnel it to the appropriate party.

We'll come back in a few days with their responses, but in the meantime, anything is fair game. Ask us your most burning questions, and we'll do our best not to get singed.


Photo via ITG.

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