Christina Ricci, Actress


"My daily routine starts in the bath—my baby and I take one every morning, just because it's a contained place for him to play. He has his toy basket, and then I'll start getting myself ready when he's in there. Then there's the whole brushing teeth, breakfast fiasco... I go to SoulCycle after I drop him off, and then I pick him up and we go to a play space. It's a whole day, but I love it.

My mother was a model and spoke endlessly about taking care of your skin, and I started using real skincare products around age 17. People ask me how I look so young, and I think part of it is that I'm so small, but I've always taken very good care of my skin. It's funny, the first real skincare product I bought myself was Clé de Peau, and now I'm back to using the oil. As I got older—and after I had my baby—my skin got drier, and that oil is really great for moisture.

After I work out in the morning, I have to wash my face with Kate Somerville's Goat Milk. When I wear makeup, though, I take it off first with Lancôme Micellar Water. That cleanses, and then the Goat Milk softens and moisturizes. I use this Tatcha Essence afterwards—I don't know what it does but I think it helps. I'll use the Clé de Peau oil, and then I put the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra on top of that to seal it in. I know, it's crazy, but I like the routine.

Throughout the day I'll use Tatcha's Dewy Skin Mist, and then at night, I'll put on the Clé de Peau Brightening Serum. Everything looks and feels glowy when you use it. I was told that you should try every product on a 28-day cycle, and that after 28 days you can tell if anything is making a difference. Some things haven't beat the cycle, but I've been using all of the Clé de Peau stuff for a really long time. I don't use an eye cream at night—I just put my regular moisturizer all over. But if I do feel puffy, I'll just use the Preparation H I keep in my refrigerator.

Sometimes I'll go down to the store and buy Queen Helen's Mint Julep Mask. It's a classic and it takes everything out of your pores. I use it a lot, actually. I get neck acne—it's horrendous. When you put your hair up, people are freaked out, but it's hormonal, so whatever. Sometimes I'll take an antibiotic for it, but usually I just let it run its course because it's the best thing to do. If you ignore it, it goes away, and if you pay attention to it, it stays.

I'm obsessed with this guy Christophe Robin, he makes the best products. The Cleansing Mask is so good, I could wash my hair with it every day and it wouldn't strip it. When I was doing press for Z: The Beginning of Everything, [the stylists would use] all of this different stuff and it would make my hair so gross, so I'd use the Cleansing Mask every day with the Regenerating Mask or the purple one for blondes. I have very dark hair naturally, but I'm blond now. I wear wigs, but I'd always wanted to be blond, and I have Lena from Suite Caroline do it. She's the blond whisperer. I'm obsessed with the color, and it feels so healthy.

This is my other favorite thing—Sebastian Potion 9. I've been using that since I was 13 years old. If you mention it to a hair stylist, they'll be like, 'That's from the '70s.' My whole family uses it. It's a leave-in conditioner treatment and it's the best product ever. It dries hard, and so if your hair is damaged or frizzy, it doesn't let the frizz happen. Then when you run your fingers through it it just holds whatever position it dries in. It's incredible. I'll use that and add in the Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Cream, because I worry about damage. I also cut my own hair. I use a hair cutting razor—I think that's what it's called? I practiced a good amount.

I'm obsessed with makeup. Every day I wear a Nars Tinted Moisturizer. I have really olive skin, so the tone is good, and you can layer the coverage. Most of the time I put on this Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Powder, which isn't tinted. Then I use Diorshow Iconic Black Out Mascara. I don't use waterproof—I hate it. If anybody comes near me with waterproof mascara, I get so mad. Once somebody used it on me and it couldn't get it off. I almost rubbed my lids raw.

My main beauty inspiration is Brigitte Bardot. I'm obsessed with the way she looked in Contempt, in technicolor... I find myself trying to replicate the lip all the time. Kind of a coral shade, or an orange-red. Tom Ford Wild Ginger is so good, but Nars Casablanca and Niagara are my two favorites. Lately, though, I've been into darker tones. Usually I'll do Chanel Coco Shine in Noir Moderne, which is sheer with a pop. It's kind of like Clinique Black Honey. Lately, though, it's been Niagara with a shimmery eye. My joke is that it's always evening on this face."

—as told to ITG

Christina Ricci photographed by Tom Newton at her home in Brooklyn on March 24, 2017. Hair by Marc Mena for Exclusive Artists using Kerastase Aura Botanica and makeup by Stevie Huynh.