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How To Wash Your Hair, With Colorist Christophe Robin

From the team that brought you "How To Clean Your Face" Parts 1 & 2—and featuring the star of these really charming videos that are useless to you if you don't speak French—now enjoy your next ASMR Youtube jackpot: Christophe Robin's How To Clean Your Hair.

And it only makes sense, right? Christophe all but toppled the shampoo market a few years ago when he introduced his Purifying Sea Salt Scrub as the dandruff shampoo that you actually want to tell people you use. This is a man who cares so much about the art of hair washing that he'll lather you up himself (for free!) at his Paris salon—and, for a limited time, at his TriBeCa neighborhood pop-up, too. Just like you wouldn't want to buy a shade of concealer without test driving it on the inside of your wrist at the counter, why would you want to purchase a luxury hair cleansing product without test-driving it first? You wouldn't—and Christophe's got a few Dyson Supersonics at his disposal to prove his best-selling thesis.

Christophe's set up shop at 42 Hudson until April 23. But in case you can't make it (or want to review from April 24 until eternity), here he is going through the motions out loud so you can treat your hair like Catherine Deneuve's. Or Fajer Fahad's. Or Emily Weiss'. Damn, that guy is good. Press play already!

Filmed by Tom Newton. Edited by Coco Baudelle.

Allez to Paris: A peek inside Christophe's Paris studio is right this way.