The Latest, Greatest Concealers


If lipstick is a polygamist's beauty product—and really, it'd be masochistic to limit yourself to just one—then concealer is the old ball and chain. That's why shopping for concealer, like a first date, is a chore disguised as a fun activity: spending all that money is unnecessary when what you really need is confirmation that this concealer/person is "the one" so you can go on worrying about more important things, like lipstick shades. Maybe you're looking for a special someone right now—or maybe things with your long term concealer have gone stale and you're looking to freshen it up. Nothing says "spicy" like another partner, no? Plenty of the fish in the sea for you:

Giorgio Armani Compact Cream

Age: Almost one year old
Location: Sephora, Bloomingdale's, and everywhere else fancy makeup is sold
Looking for: An elegant, sexy, powerful lady with a thing for Italians
Ideal date: Moonlight pasta dinner
Full profile: Of all the concealers on this list, and perhaps on the market, Giorgio Armani's Cushion Perfection is the closest to skin, finish-wise. Many competitors fall into the "dewy" or "matte" categories (easier to market, probably) but this one is both, and neither, diffusing light naturally and covering blemishes seamlessly. This is in part thanks to the nanoscale foundation brush they include in the compact, for optimum buffing.

Lancôme Teint Idole Camouflage

Age: Two months
Location: Isabella Rossellini's makeup bag, probably
Looking for: Somebody who is serious about concealer
Celebrity crush: Isabella Rossellini! Go figure.
Full profile: Nonstop, opaque, creamy matte coverage not for the faint of heart. Lancôme's camouflage is the Scorpio of concealers—intense, formidible, but once unlocked, it's by your side forever.

Julep 5-in-1 Cushion Complexion Pen

Age: But a few weeks old
Location: Online, at
Looking to: Replace literally all of your other makeup products
Astrological sign: "Madeline sun, Renata rising. JK—Pisces and a huge Big Little Lies fan!"
Full profile: A newborn babe, and already the most ambitious of the bunch, Julep's Cushion Complexion wants to replace every single coverage product you have—all five of them, apparently, though off hand we can only think of three. It might just do it, too, because the formula is delicious. It's fairly full coverage, but blendable, and the rounded felt applicator is the only tool you need. The ingredient list includes camellia oil and turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties, which is just icing on top of one really stellar concealer.

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer

Age: Three months
Location: Literally everybody's makeup bag ever since it launched
Looking for: You :)
Full profile: The best little concealer pot available right now, Nars' Matte Concealer can cover nearly anything you stick it to—zits, dark circles, that odd red patch just left of your nose, when did that get there? It's the complement to their cult Radiant Creamy Concealer, only the finish is considerably less dewy and considerably more, you know, matte.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Concealer Stick

Age: Three months
Location: CVS
Looking for: Dehydrated skin
Ideal date: "Anything! I'm cheap."
Full profile: The entire Neutrogena Hydro Boost cosmetics range is bananas good. The foundation is worth a post of it's very own, but for the sake of theme, we'll stick to the concealer. The form is not novel—the core concealer is a fairly trendy silhouette as of late—but Neutrogena's might be the best of the bunch, wrapping creamy, dewy coverage around a hyaluronic compound for flawless application. Your undereye circles never stood a chance.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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