Alma Jodorowsky, Actress & Musician


"Well, I've been passionate about acting since I was a little girl. Both of my parents are also comedians and I was enrolled in several drama schools from a young age. But the music thing happened later on, in high school. I played the bass, and I liked music, but I wasn't serious about it. It wasn't until a few years later that I started pursing it when my friend and I started our band, the Burning Peacocks. We've done some shows since then—lately for this Vogue issue release and a Chanel after-party—and we've put out a few music videos. I've directed four of them. It's a good exercise, taking music and making it into a picture. I really love the production of it—having the whole crew, building a little work family, shooting with people you love and admire. I connect more with that, the ability to mix the arts of different people. I feel that chemistry more than the [product] itself. I've felt that about modeling especially... I always connect to the photographers and stylists. Altogether, you make something quite amazing.

Getting [ready] is another form of art. I'm not much into fashion—it's not something I'm really passionate about—but I've always had a special relationship with makeup. I would sit with my mother backstage and watch her put it on for performances. My dad would do it too, depending on the character, so I have these images in my head of my parents doing their makeup as a kind of ritual. Almost like a meditation. And they'd enter their characters through their routines. I look at that with such admiration.

I'd say I wear makeup daily. I have to have concealer, mascara, and eyebrows—those are the three things I do every day. My favorite concealer is Nars' Radiant Creamy Concealer, which has the best coverage without being too thick. My undereyes can get a bit dry, so I usually put on the Nuxellence Eye Contour Cream before applying. It has a little tint to it and the texture is really nice. My mascara is the Armani one—Eyes to Kill, I think it's called? It's really dark and makes my lashes really long. I put a ton of it on. When I want a more natural look, I use the Chanel Dimensions Mascara in Brun. For my brows, I use the Benefit Ka-Brow, in the little pot. It's really creamy, so it's easy to apply. I think all of their brow products are good, though. I used to have their brow mascara and I loved that, but lately I've just been using Elnett. I spray it and then fix my hairs with a brush.

Sometimes I'll do a little bit of blush or bronzer. I like the classic Guerlain Terracotta—they also have the Joli Teint that's tinted a bit more peach. And for blush I prefer a cream texture—Chanel has a blush stick that comes in a bright pink, and when you apply it, it gives you doe cheeks. They make the best lipsticks, too. I love Chanel's reds. The Nars crayons are really great too. I don't like when it's too shiny, so I usually take a bit of tissue to my lips to take off the shine.

Once a week I use this Avène Gentle Purifying Scrub. It smells really good, and it just brightens up my skin. Otherwise I just use the Caudalie Mousse Nettoyante. Sometimes I use a toner—I like Sanoflore Aqua Rosa because it smells fresh, and I also have the La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion. They sent it to me and I'm just starting to use it, and it gives a good glow. My moisturizer is Dr. Hauschka's Rose Cream. It's very rich and smells great, but I need to change it up. That's something a makeup artist told me, that you should change your products so your skin doesn't get used to the same things. On spots, though, I always just use tea tree oil from the organic shop. It dries the pimple. Easy.

I get my hair cut by my friend Marc Orsatelli. He's a hairdresser that I met on set a couple of times and we became friends. Now my cut is more like a long bob, with some different layers to create volume. I like that I don't really have to take care of it—I'm not very good with styling. Sometimes I'll use an iron thing to curl it, but it's abysmal. And when I don't do that, I use a salt spray like Bumble and bumble's Surf. I have this Phytoelixir Oil that I use in between washes, just to keep it looking healthy.

All of Leonor Greyl's products, I love. I have the jasmine hair mask, which I try to save for the bath. But I don't have a bath so I don't do it as often as I would like. [Laughs] If I'm filming somewhere and staying in a hotel, I'll bring it with me so I can really enjoy it. I'll take the Diptyque Smoothing Body Polish with me too. I wax the hair on my legs, and I like to use a scrub to remove the dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. It's a bit gross—sorry!

The fragrance that I use the most was the first one Chanel gave me when we started to work together—it was I think four years ago, and it’s called 1932. Not a lot of people know about it, so every time I’m wearing it, people ask what it is. I also like the No. 5—the new one is really good, a bit more fresh. 1932 has an old school powdery smell, though... Actually, it's kind of strong. It kind of reminds me of the lipstick my mom used to wear when I was a little girl. That's a bit ingrained."

—as told to ITG

Alma Jodorowsky photographed by Tom Newton at her home in Paris on November 30, 2016.