Let’s Bring Back Hair Accessories


If you haven't heard of the hairstyling line Windle & Moodie, hold up, what are you doing here? Please go back and review our March Favorite Products post immediately—do not pass go, do not collect $200. There you will find a rave review by not one, but two of ITG's editors of the brand's Invisible Day and Night Cream. It's the product of your undone-but-under-control hair's dreams. Go on, read it. We'll wait for you here.

If you've already been sold on the product, it's time to make some deeper cuts. Namely: Meet Neil Moodie, the latter half of the duo behind the line. He's the type of editorial hairstylist that just fell into the business—apparently that path makes for the most creative (and successful) people. "I actually thought I would just do something to really piss everyone off, so I just said 'I want to do hair!'" he told us when he stopped by the office last month for a meet 'n greet turned hairstyling sesh. "I’m quite spontaneous." Yeah, no kidding.

He went on to work with Corinne Day on The Face, Juergen Teller on Vogue Italia, and Michael Gordon on Bumble & bumble, before pairing up with Paul Windle on their current line and salon in Covent Garden. But right now, at this very moment, he's really into hair accessories. "I like the idea of doing something cool and unexpected with them, because some people see them as only something you can wear at a wedding, or a party, but I think they should be a playful thing too." Sure there's the barrette—like this Alighieri Jewellry one—but what if you used three Marchesa hair combs at once? Get inspirational with them, maybe even a little over the top. Here's an anecdote to inspire you:

"I used to cut Isabella Blow's hair recularly and she would always wear something in her hair during the day. It was a Philip Treacy hat or fascinator 99% of the time. One day she turned up at my flat with a lobster hat on her head at 10:30 in the morning as if it was totally normal and fine. I loved that about her. Obviously that's a bit extreme, but if the hair underneath is cool then the accessory becomes cool, too. Accessories can transform."

Moral of the story? Why the hello not?! Especially when the options are this good. Want more to window shop? We endorse Jen Atkin x Chloe and Isabel and Adir Abergel x Lelet. So, so good.

And once you're done floating on the dreamy hair accessory cloud, come back down to earth with Nadine Leopold, our lovely model on this occasion. She brought her travel dopp kit, which were are compelled to ask about given what we do for a living. Here's what she swears by:

Nadine Leopold (IMG) shot by Tom Newton. Hair by Neil Moodie. Styled by Harrison Karabaccio. Video edited by Coco Baudelle.