Glossier Lip Gloss Is Back!


Lip gloss is back! Though we'd argue it was never really gone. (Did you ever get rid of that pale pink tube lying at the bottom of your drawer? No, didn't think so.) Sure, it had its big coming out moment—its high-90s aesthetic will be revered forever more. And big moments like that always have backlashes. But lip gloss was never really gone. It was just waiting for its moment to return.

Well, the moment is now—or rather, the moment started back with the Black Tie Set last November. It all came out of the idea that lip gloss didn't have to be sticky and gloppy anymore. Instead, it could be glassy and hydrating—and after an hour, it could still be there! Throw in a little vitamin E for actually-good-for-you hydration and you've got the Glossier Lip Gloss, here to stay.

You can read all about it (and shop it) at But here on Into The Gloss, we wanted celebrate with a few lip gloss-colored memories (clear, but light pink in the tube) from the Glossier HQ team. Because nostalgia is fun!

Kelly Wilbur, Physical Product Associate Manager: "I used to be addicted to DuWop Lip Venom because I liked that terrifying burning sensation. Forgetting that normal people may not enjoy the feeling of having an allergic reaction on their face, I made out with my childhood bae ("My Boo" by Usher was playing in the back to set the scene). Then he started freaking out and rubbing his mouth and accused me of doing it on purpose. Our relationship never recovered, we broke up over text."

Brittany Patterson, Business Strategy Senior Manager: "It was at summer camp when I was in 5th grade where I first experimented with flavored lipgloss. I quickly realized that bees were attracted to the scent and ended up with three bees hanging out on my lips for what felt like a lifetime... I didn't learn my lesson, and it happened a day later with a wasp. By some miracle, I was never stung."

Lauren Daccache, Communication Coordinator: "My first lip gloss was a Lancôme Juicy Tube in the loudest pink color (I think it was called Miracle?) that I got in a goodie bag from a friend's Bat Mitzvah. I literally never used it because I loved the way it looked so much that I was terrified of ruining the way the glitter looked inside the tube. I would just carry it around in my back pocket with my Motorola Pebble and set it out on a table because I thought it looked cool. Then one day I sat on it and it exploded in the pocket of my Abercrombie denim shorts."

Elizabeth Sochko, gTEAM Editor: "I don't really have any memories of myself wearing lip gloss, but I do have a memory of my dad pointing to a photo I'd printed out of my crush, which I had taped to my mirror (OK?), and asking if I had kissed it (which I had). A lip gloss sheen was very visible on the photo."

Let's make some new memories, mmkay?


Photographed by Anairam for Glossier. Shop Lip Gloss at