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Beauty advice brings people together. It's what ITG is built on—literally walking into the bathroom of a friend or acquaintance (invited, promise) and asking what the best lip liner is, how to deal with persistent acne, and why isn't our skin as glowy as yours, Jourdan? After six plus years, we've accumulated quite a bit of advice. Now, we're giving it.

Introducing ITG's monthly advice column: Ask ITG. Consider it an outlet for your most pressing questions—the ones that relate to cosmetics. Tom, Emily, Brennan, and maybe an invited guest or two will be on hand with product recommendations, expert feedback, and delightful anecdotes to guide you on your merry way. Got a question that isn't beauty-related? Hopeless romantic? Roommate quandries? Why not! (We are less equipped in those realms, but we'll give it a shot anyway.)

Ask ITG will drop into your email inbox monthly—so if you're not already signed up for our weekly newsletter, make sure you do that. Submit your burning queries via email to [email protected] (Subject line: Ask ITG) or in the comments of this very Open Thread. A qualified editor will get back to you as soon as they can.

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