Hot Tip: The Easiest, Cheapest Way To Prevent Dandruff


Take a minute today to check in with your scalp—when was the last time you two really connected? Winter is really hard on your dear friend, and with that gorgeous and full head of hair you're sporting, it's not easy to see what's going on. "Are you OK, scalp?" "Is there anything you need from me?" "Are your needs being met?"

If you've experienced any flaking over the last couple of months or so, it's possible your scalp is dry and crying out for help. Dandruff shampoo might help, but it might not—dandruff is an indicator of dry scalp, but can also be caused by tons of other things, like product buildup, or fungal infections. Gross, yes, but treatable. If your dandruff is seasonal, or seems to worsen in an arid climate, it's probably dry scalp. How many times can we write "dry scalp" in the course of this article?

One of ITG's editors struggled with this perfectly quotidian human problem, and sought help via the stylists at Spoke & Weal—located a fine 40 flakes or so from HQ. Sarah Manzone, scalp therapist, provided a simple explanation: Scalp massage. "Brushing or combing or just rubbing your fingers into your scalp, stimulates blood flow and helps immensely with flaking."

Is it as easy as touching your scalp on a daily basis? "It's as easy as touching your scalp on a daily basis. But you have to be consistent." If you're feeling really dry, throw a little olive oil on there weekly for extra TLC. But after two weeks of daily scalp kneadings, our completely ordinary ITG editor with fine personal hygiene has seen a dramatic decrease in flaking. Just a little here and there, but don't call it out, please. This editor is a little sensitive.

(Their scalp isn't, though.)

Photo via ITG.

Cindy Crawford has a beautiful scalp. Let her and other ITG interviews tell you how often they wash it.