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Byredo's Bibliotheque Is Now A Limited-Edition Perfume


Into The Gloss introduced me to the world of fancy smells and candles, and since then there has been no scent in my life I've identified more with than Byredo Bibliotheque. When I realized it only existed in candle form, my first reaction was complete dismay—followed by a quick pro/con analysis of whether I could get away with carrying a lit candle with me everywhere I go.

Every time I would go into their store, I would suggest to whoever would listen that Bibliotheque would make a great personal fragrance. (The one key thing my college rowing coach taught me was to “be persistent.”) Every single “Thank you, I hope you enjoy your candle purchase” response would feel like polite but forceful rejection.

And then it happened. A year after I first purchased the love of my life, I received the email I never expected: “Hi! I wanted to let you know that after several requests, Bibliotheque has been made into a limited edition fragrance! Since you're a fan of Bibliotheque, I thought you might be interested.”

Money has never flown out of my bank account faster. My dream of smelling like old books and worn in leather and cashmere throws by a fire in a cabin in the mountain (or more specifically peach, plum, peony, violet, leather, patchouli and vanilla) has come true. No, my rowing coach probably wouldn’t’ve endorsed asking defenseless Byredo store associates for a fragrance they don’t make for months on end. But I don’t row anymore and I will own the Bibliotheque Eau de Parfum (it's pre-ordered)...so I win.

If you too would like to smell like a French library, the limited edition bottle (the big bottle!) will be available for purchase starting March 2nd.

—Kate Caputo

Kate Caputo is Glossier’s Data & Business Intelligence Analyst. She goes to the Byredo store on Wooster St. every other weekend.