Kelly Vittengl, Founder, Frances Loom


“I’m the founder of Frances Loom which is a curated collection of vintage and antique rugs. I got into the business when I was doing set and prop styling for a while. Then I left that and became a full-time interior designer because I thought that that was what I wanted to do. I was obsessed with Martha Stewart as a kid, literally from the age of five. So I started working in interiors and I realized that I wanted clients that would come to me with a bunch of money and let me do whatever I wanted. [Laughs] That’s hard to find right when you begin, obviously. And so much of my style is flea market- and antique-based… I’d end up with all these rugs that clients didn’t want so I’d post them on Instagram. That was before Instagram shops were a big thing—maybe two and a half years ago. Friends started commenting and tagging their friends and it took off organically after that.

Why rugs? I’m drawn to them in a weird way. I think there is something really special about them. Especially when they're worn and the colors are so good. And I'm not the only one—other people know how special they are. I don’t sit on a lot of inventory because I sell them so fast. They sell out within an hour and I post every Thursday at 8AM. It’s crazy! Part of it is because rug dealers have been around forever but customers like the fact that I do it in a small and curated way. They know no matter what, it'll help them achieve a certain look in their home.

I’ve always gotten facials intermittently, but since I turned 27 I feel like I need to do it once a month. Now I go to Tanya Skincare in Santa Monica, which is a beautiful studio. Tanya’s introduced me to a bunch of skincare products, and I mainly use Skinceuticals with some Avène thrown in. The first thing I do in the morning is wash my face with Avène Oil-Free Gel Cleanser or Avène Antirougeurs Dermo Cleansing Milk if I want something a little less intense. Then I’ll go in with this Skinceuticals Conditioning Solution, which is a gentle exfoliating toner. I’ll take a cotton pad and do three squirts on there and wipe it all over my face. Skinceuticals makes a bunch of good serums, too. Right now I’m enjoying the Retexturing Activator because I feel like the texture of my skin isn’t perfect and this helps. There’s also the Skinceuticals Metacell Renewal B3 that I use as a moisturizer. It’s really nice and light and feels so good on my skin. In the winter, I use this Aesop Elemental Facial Barrier Cream. It’s kind of intense, but I’m moving to London soon and I think it’ll be really crucial there. I love Aesop.

The sunscreen I swear by is MD Solar Sciences SPF 30. It’s so amazing and silky on your skin. And it’s even more important now because I’m just starting to use the Skinceuticals Retinol twice a week. Then I swear by the Secret Aztec Healing Clay Mask and I do that with apple cider vinegar. It feels crazy! You feel like you did something wrong but I swear to God the next morning your skin looks insane. I don’t know what it does, but I’m telling you, the next morning you’re gleaming. You feel glowy and beautiful and great.

My daily makeup is Glossier Stretch Concealer in Medium, followed by Laura Mercier Golden Suntan Minerals with SPF 15. And I’ve been using Nars Orgasm for years. Then I’ll use Glossier Boy Brow in Blond and L’Oréal Voluminous Curved Brush—it’s the best ever. If I’m going out or have an event, I’ll use the Glossier Skin Tint and then I swear by this YSL Fusion Ink Foundation with a Beautyblender. For contour, I’ll use the Kjaer Weis Bronzer in Dazzling and a little of their Cream Blush in Embrace. I don’t ever want my skin to look shiny, but I’m doing what I can to embrace the whole dewy look.

My occasional lipsticks are MAC Diva and Heat Wave from Nars. I don’t really wear eyeshadow but if I need it, I’ll use the Naked Basics Palette. I watched one Youtube video on how to use this palette and it’s pretty much the only way I know how to do my eye makeup. It’s neutral and matte and simple.

My hair was bleached three years ago so the ends are still suffering from that moment. This Davines Oi Conditioner has been saving my life. Also the Oi All in One Milk is incredible for post-shower. I’ll put that all over. It just adds softness and amazingness. I only wash my hair once or twice a week, but I really hate having clean hair, so I like the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. And it smells like heaven. I don’t always wear perfume but when I spray my hair with that, people will ask me what perfume I’m wearing.

The other thing is that I cut my own hair. My cut is so simple that I can’t justify spending the money. I’ve also cut the hair of every boyfriend I’ve ever had. But just with scissors—I need to invest in real shears. I do love my Shine Brush by Wet Brush. I’d swear my life on this thing.

The most amazing deodorant is Lancôme Accord Three Roses. It’s so nice and it’s a roll-on that all the Europeans use. My friend initially told me about it when she was on vacation in France and so I had to get some when I went to Europe. I get it in London, but there’s got to be way to find it online. I’m sure.

The other scent I love is jasmine. I have the Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste, the Le Labo Jasmin 17 perfume, and in April and May, all of Venice [Beach] smells like jasmine. It’s the most heavenly scent. The one perfume I like more than that is Maison Louis Marie Bois De Balincourt. It’s a bit softer then Le Labo [Santal]. My boyfriend just started wearing it, too. In my living room, I have this little diffuser and I’ll make it smell like a salon in here. If I get sick I use the Doterra Breathe Respiratory Blend. I have a digestion one and you add it to water but for the most part I kind of mix them all up and throw the blend into the diffuser. A drop of this Melaleuca with Lavender is really nice. I also burn my sage every once and a while. It’s a very California thing to do—I’ve been drawn to it since I was a kid. But for now, though, London is calling.”

—as told to ITG

Kelly Vittengl photographed by Tom Newton at her home in Los Angeles on October 21, 2016.