Angels In Paris: The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


Victoria's Secret's first fashion show in Paris was a whirlwind for our very own Tom Newton, who spent the past few days in heaven following around all of his favorite Angels. Josephine, Adriana, Gigi, and more were in attendance for yesterday's show—as well as Anthony Turner and Tom Pecheux, who were responsible for the holy hair and makeup (respectively) you see above. OK, that's enough religious wordplay. Time to scroll through the slideshow, lightly drool, and then read how to achieve the looks below, from the mouths of the artists themselves:

Anthony Turner: "I think the difference between what we're doing today versus other Victoria's Secret shows is that we're celebrating each girl for who she is, and I'm really into that. We're not making anybody's hair longer, we're not creating generic looks. It's a feeling [instead]—imagine a Victoria's Secret girl from the past and she's been out all night, she's been to an amazing club, she's met [someone], and it's the day after. The hair is worn-in and a bit sexier, it's not as glamorous. We use the Beachwaver and we're using it in pieces so it doesn't feel like a gentle wave, but it's more sporadic. We're not brushing at all, I'm raking it out with my fingers. We're using L'Oréal Pli Styling Spray, which is matte, so we're not adding a lot of shine. It's healthy, but lived-in. Quite Parisian."

Tom Pecheux: "We talked about the girl looking very fresh, but being very glamorous as well—we're in Paris, after all. But Victoria's Secret is American, and we're using Max Factor, who used to do makeup for Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, and other glamorous American women. I think the combination of that with the effortless Parisian theme requested a little more va-va-voom—a little bit of glam on the eyes. We're using a Max Factor Liquid Eyeliner, but then on top, we're using a brown Kohl Eye Pencil and smudging it. It's blurry, more sexy. The skin is very natural and glowy—we're using Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation, but very little. On the lips, we just used either a nude or light pink [forthcoming] Victoria's Secret Cream Lip Stain."

—as told to ITG

Photographed by Tom Newton at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris.

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