Olivia Van Iderstine, Associate Editor, Whalerock Industries


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"Hi! My name is Olivia Van Iderstine, but almost everyone calls me Olive (@mynameisolive). I live in Los Angeles and I'm an associate editor at Whalerock Industries, the media and technology company responsible for the official apps of the Kardashian and Jenner women and Kimoji. My job includes creative development, working to build stories, and collaborating with our engineering and product teams on new enhancements. It extends beyond traditional editorial responsibilities, which I love—I get to work at the intersection of fashion, beauty, and technology, which is really exciting.

I'm so grateful to work with a badass group of professional women—we're always sharing our beauty findings, along with other important things like the best bolognese in Los Angeles. I'll try anything makeup or skincare and I love hearing about everyone’s routines or watching people apply products. I'm always inspired by people who embrace realness. I never thought I'd be someone who'd be out in public with just some mascara and sunscreen, and I'm not ashamed to say that felt like a big step for me the first time I did it. I'm trying to find a balance between bare-faced and fully glam.

My makeup always starts with a little foundation or concealer to cover up whatever badness is happening, and I love Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in 4 Fair, Glossier Stretch Concealer in Medium, or Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation. My under-eye circles don't bother me too much because I feel like I earned them, so I use it mostly on any spots and redness around my nose for every day. Then brows—some Anastasia Brow Wiz or Hourglass Arch Sculpting Pencil to fill in any naked spots and Maybelline Great Lash in Clear or Glossier Boy Brow to set. I took a little too much off in high school, so I like to fluff them to fake some fullness. I'll set my T-zone with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder that I've been using for the last eight years since I saw Tanya Burr use it in a Youtube video. Youtube tutorials are how I relax.

Lately I've been trying to embrace the less-is-more thing, with the exception of mascara. The more bells, whistles, colors, wand spikes and twists, the better. I can't remember the last high-end one I owned. Right now I'm using Hard Candy's Ginormous Fan Mascara. It gives you insanely long lashes. For my lips, I try to keep them looking like their natural color—but for a night out, it’s a Kylie Lip Kit, in Posie K or Koko K. Apply that once and literally don’t check it until you get home. For real!

At night I'll wash my face with either Glossier Milky Jelly or Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil to get all my makeup off. Then depending on how gross I feel, I'll scrub first with Dr. Lancer Polish and follow that with Skin Laundry Gentle Wash. I take Spironolactone too. I've dealt with breakouts for over half my life and tried everything, but that's been the biggest help. I haven't yet jumped off the P50 Lotion bridge yet, but hopefully by the time this Top Shelfie posts, I'll be there. At night, I wear eye cream, and the Epione Eye Serum is insane. TBD on the rest of my face wrinkles but I'm so happy with the aging situation happening around my eyes. I apply some .05% tretinoin cream from my dermatologist or Sunday Riley Good Genes and follow with the same cream I used in the morning—right now, my moisturizer is Tatcha Ageless Cream. If I got a fun sample from a magazine or in a Sephora delivery I'll throw that in too. Inevitably I'll do the whole thing in the wrong order but I'll still feel very chic and luxurious.

My hair is naturally really frizzy and poofy. Left alone, I go full triangle head. It used to be my biggest pain point, worse than hormonal acne, and now it feels so easy. To help deal, my coworkers and I all get Brazilian blowouts—I have a running appointment every three months. I don't remember who I was before I got one. In college, I also ruined my hair with some bad box dye. Shockingly, when you dunk your ends into a red solo cup full of beach you don't turn into Lily Aldridge!! I now get my hair colored by Sarah Conner and cut by Alessandra Saman at Mèche. They are two of the most perfect people I've ever known. Shampoo-wise, I'll use anything without sulfates, and I'll chase with what ever conditioner is in my shower from my last CVS run. I try to not wash my hair everyday, but my favorite purchase of 2016 is a shampoo brush. It cleans my scalp really well and makes a hair wash feel worth it.

I'm actively trying not pick my cuticles. I try to get biweekly manicures to keep myself from chewing but there's a direct correlation between my stress level and the state of my hands. Not picking is one of my goals for 2017. That, and I would love to formally learn how to apply eyeshadow. I keep trying to be adventurous with it, but it usually doesn't work out."

—as told to ITG