Mette Thorsgaard, Hairstylist


"When I became a hairdresser, I didn't think I could work as a stylist––it was a dream, obviously, to work in the fashion industry, but back then I don't think I really knew what the possibilities were. So when I first came to Copenhagen I worked at Gun-Britt's studio, which was wonderful––she took me around Europe for some shows, and that's when I realized I didn't have to just cut hair. I decided to take my work a step further and I signed with a Swedish agency called Lundlund, where I've been able to work with their amazing photographers and do what I really love. That kind of work is super tough, but it's what I like. It's my thing, I think. The tougher, the better!

I still live in Copenhagen and I'm the Editorial Director at Studio Mahoney. Cim, the owner, is a really good friend, but he's also a mentor, so he's helped me get to where I am now. Our studio does a lot of shows for fashion week and that is always a lot of fun. A lot of work, too! [Laughs] But for me it's so nice to have a friend who does exactly what you do, but who has been in the industry for forever––Cim started out in London at a really young age, maybe 16? I'm thinking London might actually be the next step for me, too. But at the same time I still love Copenhagen... It's just an easy, well-connected city you can travel in and out of easily. And it's such a nice place to be. Who knows where I'll end up! [Laughs]

Of course, being a hairstylist, I am particular about my hair... but I really like it to look natural in that Scandinavian way. Which is actually one of the hardest things to do! I brush it a lot, and I don't use much product in it. I wash it in the shower once, sometimes twice a week, although I'll only do that if I've been around people smoking or whatever. Clean hair feels nice but it looks better dirty, that's the thing. I use my friend's line of products, Rudolph Hair, which are super nice. The products are not 100% green or 100% organic, but that actually makes them better for my hair because it needs some extra help. It's blond and there's so much of it, so I need a strong conditioner and a good soft shampoo.

After washing, I let my hair dry naturally and then I brush it with a Mason Pearson Brush. I think it's super important to have a brush cleaner, too. Not just to clear out the hairs but also the dirt that can build up. I wash mine maybe once every other month because it helps to make them last longer.
For product I use a little Less Is More Rose Serum through the ends, and then the Proteinspray and the Herbal Tonic––those are my two favorite products from that brand. I like the Limesoufflé too, which I'll use on dry hair to fuck it up a bit. In my work I do use Oribe a lot because their stuff really is nice. The Dry Texturizing Spray is the best I've found because it's transparent! So you can use it all over.

I don't do hair masks often because it feels, for me, like a waste of time. I think I like that my hair doesn't look too healthy. Like it has a bit of damage and roughness to it––don't get me wrong, just a little bit! [Laughs] I really take care of my hair, but I don't mind if it's messy either––it's okay with me if my ponytail ends up a little off-center, or I've got those baby hairs flying around, you know? It just doesn't have to be perfect.

Like my hair, I try to use a minimal amount of products when it comes to my skin. I like when my face looks a tiny bit oily, but my skin can't handle too many oils, so I have to be careful. When I first got pregnant I would get some hormonal spots and whatever, and my dermatologist recommended this brand, Ling. I love their Triple Action Exfoliator––it smells so, so good. And it's helped my skin a lot! It's really gentle, which is good because I can't just use any scrub, my skin is too sensitive. I use that once a week and for everyday I just use Bioderma to wash my face. Afterward, I like the Dual Moisture Emulsion from Ling––it's like pure moisture, almost water, but it soaks in really quick. And then straight after that I'll use the Nourishment Cream, or at night I use a Hydra Squalane Advanced Nourishment Serum. My skin is super nice in the morning whenever I use that.

I love Rudolph Care's Sunscreen, which is good since I'm pregnant and it's easy to get a little pigmentation just from being outside. And then I spritz Mario Badescu's Rose Water Spray––I always keep one in my bag, it's so nice.

I have a fear of looking witchy by putting too much on my face, know what I mean? I think it suits my personal––and professional––style to not wear too much makeup. For me it's usually better not to force it or take it too far.

My foundation is Youngblood, which is nice but really pigmented so you have to be bit careful because you can't stick put your brush right in it, you have to be soft. Then I use this Tromborg Creamy Blush in a shade called Misty Brown––I don't use a brush, just my finger. That's a Danish brand as well. I've been using Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara in Black for years, it's nice. I like that mascara helps open your eyes a bit so you look fresher. Although sometimes I kind of like that nude, bare eyelash look as well. And I always have my brow brush with me, because I have a lot of brows! [Laughs]

If I'm going to a big event I'll just add a red lip––always MAC Ruby Woo, either shiny or matte, just depends on the look. The problem is that I'll sometimes just forget I'm wearing a red lip and then it'll be all over my hands and everything, so my friends suggested I use the Lip Liner in the same shade instead. So that's the trick!

I don't use hair masks, but I do love a hand mask. I'll use these Magicstripes Hand Repair Gloves instead of nail polish. They really work, but you can't use your hands for like 40 minutes to an hour afterward. Then I'll use the Christian Dior Cuticle Cream. That one I keep in my bag as well, just to keep my nails natural and beautiful. There's always a little rinse-free handwash in my bag too, because when you have your hands in models' faces all day long, it's good to keep your hands clean. For the rest of my body I like the Rudolph Care Açai Body Balm. It's amazing.

I use Walla Natural Deodorant, which is perfect for me, and I love Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfume––the Aqua Universalis Forte is my favorite, but it's super strong so you don't need that much. And I always keep some fresh eucalyptus in my bathroom or my shower because it smells really good, I love it. Just to hang in my shower. When the water hits the leaves, the whole bathroom smells so good."

—as told to ITG

Mette Thorsgaard photographed by Tom Newton at her home in Copenhagen on August 13, 2016.