How To Style Your Hair With Zero Effort

Does anybody remember that short-lived Olsen Sister TV show called So Little Time? It was on ABC Family for a year or so in 2001... Great show, and a great name too, because really, we could have used a few more seasons of it. (Other than it's one season-long tenure, who knows exactly what the title So Little Time refers to?) There are two reasons this is relevant right now. First of all, the hair Mary-Kate sported through the season is the highest version of early aughts style. But turn down the crimp level by a factor and you'd find yourself in the flat-iron bends of today, down to the lob length. And secondly, thanks to hairstylist Holly Mills you can now achieve those waves (modern ones, not too crimpy, trust) with so little time and so little effort. See where we're going with this?

The point (and we do have one) is that Holly taught us that with wet hair and a few strategically-placed pins, you can air dry your hair to perfect body while you're sleeping, watching TV, or positively contributing to society. It's very easy. Read her tutorial below.

(One addendum: These techniques work for hair that doesn't hold waves or curls easily, which is to say, straight hair. Frida Aasen, above, has a medium amount of hair that dries pin straight and silky without any product. If that's you too, read on! And if not, we have some curly hair ideas in the works, too.)

For Undone, Organic Waves

Start with damp hair.
Split hair into two sections as if you were going to do pig tails. If you have super thick hair you might want to take three to four sections or even more.
Add some product for texture: Holly used Ouai Wave Spray on Frida. Also consider adding a mousse for hold.
Start to twist the hair away from the face, starting at the hairline and working down. The tighter the twists, the stronger the wave will be. It's important to keep the twisting up near the part so you get waves all throughout the hair.
Then cross the twists around the back of the head and secure with little clips.
You can let this air dry or you can use a blow dryer without the nozzle or with a diffuser attachment
If your hair doesn't hold wave well, it's important to make sure it's completely dry before letting it out of the clips.

For More Structured Bends

Start with damp hair again.
Strategically clip the hair back and forth from root to tip, section by section. You can tell how much hair to take in to the section by how easily the clips stays put. If the clip is sliding out, there isn't enough hair and if the clip seems to be squeezing the hair—like it would leave a mark—then you've taken too much.
Same product rules apply for this:
Ouai Soft Mousse for more hold
Ouai Hair Oil for more moisture
Ouai Wave Spray for normal hair
Then let hair air dry or use a blow dryer with a diffuser.

Bing, bang, boom you're done!

Frida Aasen (Women) photographed by Tom Newton. Hair by Holly Mills. Styled by Lilli Millhiser. Makeup by Ingeborg.

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