The ITG Last Minute Gift Guide

If you're a responsible person who prefers a risk-free lifestyle, it's likely you've already done your holiday shopping. Or maybe you haven't—that's OK! Nevermind that the plot of most Christmas movies start with last-minute holiday shopping and end after an Iliad's worth of hilarious sidequests. That's not you. You're a savvy shopper who gets things done!

...after you've put them off for a little while. But time is ticking, and shipping deadlines loom about like Ghosts of Delivery Exceptions Past. If only there was a Last-Minute Gift Guide that was specifically tailored for procrastinators, calculated by giftability, convenience, and shipping speed. Oh—wait! There is! It's this one. Don't waste one more second—please finish your shopping.

  1. For your best friend: Pai Everyday Hero Gift Set
    A decadent, but thoughtful gift for somebody who put up with your shit all year—a totally new skincare routine. Pai is one of those brands that's easy to shop because every product in the range is amazing. It's even easier when they make a set of their greatest hits that also meets the threshold for free express shipping. You can get it wrapped, too.

  2. For your boyfriend's mom: Chanel Travel Makeup Palette
    Every single makeup product anybody would ever need, contained in one handy, travel-friendly palette. Seriously: under 100 bucks for mascara, blush, and enough eye and lip shades to have options. Options are good—give the gift of options. is offering you gratis overnight shipping and wrapping until the 4pm PST on the 22nd. Thanks, Chanel!

  3. For a man: Sporting Event Tickets
    Everybody has one in their life: a man. He's the father/mailperson/cousin's significant other (but they're not labeling it) whom you interact with enough to warrant a gift, but not enough to warrant a specific gift. Get him what he really wants—sports! Two cheap tickets on Seatgeek (or equivalent), printed out, stuffed into envelope, and delivered tenderly.

  4. For that peripheral friend who you didn't expect to get you a gift, but they did, so now you have to produce one on the fly: Hair by Sam McKnight
    Dazzling hairspiration page after page by one of fashion's greats, and available for Prime delivery to wherever you are. If it's literally the day of the holiday—what is wrong with you? Why didn't you just plan ahead?—Glossier's got gift cards. Plus there's writing room to include an apology.

  5. You forgot a cousin!: Starbucks Gift Card
    Whew, that was close.

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