Say Hello To Two New Shades Of Generation G


Hello again! It's good to be back on the site so soon. (Last time I was here, it was Supers launch day—remember?) This time I'm back to talk about a product you already know—Generation G—that's getting a little bit of an update. Mainly: new shades! And just in time for fall. Let me introduce you to Zip and Leo.

I'm really particularly excited about Zip because it's our first red, something we've been passionate about having. The shade is fresher than a true red, poppy with an orange undertone—we kept on tweaking the balance of yellow and blue and the payoff level to make sure we had the pop factor, while still being this sheer wash that we love. I don't know about you, but I've got a collection of reds at home, all of which I dab on until I've got that perfect brightness, but you can still see my lips through the tint. So that was our benchmark: that unique sheerness that you get when you blot most of it off, but without the work. Turns out, this is not as easy as it sounds—we did about 36 trials before getting to the one that felt right.

Then, there's Leo. Yes, named after that Leo. Because wearing this shade always throws me back to the lipstick I was wearing in the '90s, watching Romeo and Juliet. It's a warm, beautiful cocoa that feels rich on fair skintones and is the perfect nude for darker skintones. And after all those trials with Zip, I'm happy to say we nailed this one right away.

Along with the new shades, all six (!) Generation Gs now come in an improved formula. The original was great—and you guys loved them as much as we did—but as a team, we're constantly striving to do what we do better. Our ears are always open to your product feedback; girls told us they loved the sheer payoff and how it goes on like a balm. And how they would love it even more if it felt extra moisturizing. So that was the challenge that we worked on: keeping the same finish we love but making the formula more gliding and sleek, and for longer. We worked with our labs for about four months on making our beloved texture even more luxurious and comfortable over time. We also reworked packaging that keeps your Gen G fresh for longer. That's the nice "click" you can hear upon closing—the proof that it's sealed.

So I want to say thank you for your help on this one—we couldn't have done it without your feedback. And I hope you enjoy it! As always, let us know what you think.

Talk to you soon,

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