How To Eat Chocolate For Breakfast


When I think about breakfast—or the concept of eating breakfast—I think about two things: How efficient is it, and how nutritious can it be? What is the middle ground between coffee and toast and an egg white omelet from Sant Ambroeus? It has to taste great and not be Soylent.

My solution to this is chocolate. It's something I mentioned in my Top Shelf a little while ago—I have a blend of raw, vegan, high-quality ingredients that tastes like a rich and indulgent chocolate bark and gives me good nutrition at the start of my day. It used to be secret, but now it's not, because as it turns out, a lot of you would like to eat chocolate for breakfast, too. Excellent life choice, by the way!

One thing to note—this is hard to mess up. Below is just the blend I've been using as of late, but feel free to get creative here. Like mint chocolate? Add a little mint extract. Want more protein? Throw in some vanilla whey. It's all good. Experiment freely, enjoy responsibly, and don't forget to refrigerate it when you're done:

- 1/3 cup raw cacao powder (I use Cacao Magic from The Philosophie, it has things like hemp, Reishi mushroom, and maca in it)
- 1 tbsp. maca powder (yes, more maca. Energy!)
- 1 tbsp. lucuma powder (I like the flavor, tastes like cookie dough)
- 2 tsp. Moon Juice Brain Dust (for clarity, alertness, cognitive function)
- 6 tbsp. coconut oil, melted
- 1 tbsp. maple syrup
- 1 tbsp. cacao nibs
- Stevia to taste
- Sprinkle of sea salt (I use the pink himalayan variety from CAP Beauty)

1. Mix all dry ingredients together well
2. Add melted coconut oil, maple syrup, and stevia and mix well
3. Cover plate with plastic wrap
4. Pour mixture onto plate
5. Refrigerate for 30 minutes
6. Break into pieces and enjoy!

—Eva Alt

Photographed by the author.

Breakfast chocolate forever. And for dinner, can we interest you in a beauty food salad?.