Glossier's Supers Are Coming


Happy September everyone! Hope you had a restful Labor Day Weekend, filled with poolside rosé, fresh air, and only a hint of “OH MY GOD IS IT FALL ALREADY” anxiety. It’s all going to be OK. Deep breaths, because it’s time for an announcement.

Next Monday, September 12, we’re launching our next product. Three products, actually! They’re called the Supers and they’re three concentrated serums meant to charge up your daily skincare routine with an added boost of nutrition.

Our whole fascination with serums began years ago, when the French pharmacy thing really started to blow up. In the midst of all the Embryolisse and Bioderma, there were these little glass vials filled with vitamins and minerals—crack them open and consume them, or maybe apply them directly to your face. It’s efficacy in its highest form, but also a little opaque? The vials are glass and sharp when you break them...and the labels are in French. Not user-friendly. So with all of that in mind, we set out to make a solution that was easy and affordable to use every day.

Which brings us to what you might be seeing on Instagram this week. We’ve distributed a bunch of Super Packs to our friends and coworkers—everyone’s just started unboxing. There's Super Bounce, to hydrate tight and dry skin; Super Pure, to calm and purify stressed skin; and Super Glow, to energize your complexion if it’s been looking dull. Keep an eye out for tips and recommendations throughout the week—you may have seen Team and Culture Coordinator Cherie Camacho's Super Glow demo or Jenna Lyons' packaging tease, but rest assured, there's more to come.

on your mark, get set, gLOW! The Supers are coming! @glossier

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Getting girly with @glossier and @anndanger. Can't wait to try these babies #thesupers

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And if you're so excited that you can hardly contain yourself, you can sign up here to be notified the moment they drop. Otherwise, we’ll meet you back here bright and early on Monday!

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Photos via Glossier.