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Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor's 2-Minute Weekend Makeup Routine

Weekend makeup should be many things—good-looking, for example—but it should not be time consuming. Two days is barely enough time to fulfill a grocery list or pick out matching end tables with your SO, so serving a full contour is out of the question. For the record, model and actress Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor can do it (and do it well). But on any given Saturday morning, simplicity is her best friend.

It helps to get any of the day's potential stressors out of the way first. Atlanta starts with a quick trip to the bathroom sink to use Joanna Vargas' Vitamin C Face Wash and Daily Serum, which she credits with helping to solve some of the major problems that come along with "problem skin."

Then to the bedroom to get dressed. One vintage floral skater dress later (plus a ditched workout class) and it's time for makeup. Atlanta begins with a few undereye strokes of YSL Touche Éclat—a little weekend "war paint" (her words) to brighten and even out dark circles—followed by a little Benefit Benetint. On the cheeks and on the lips, too, because why not? The less time you spend juggling products, the more time you can devote to important things. Like brunching.

Brows are a four-step process. Step one is the brush end of Anastasia's Perfect Brow Pencil to shape, and steps two, three, and four are Glossier Boy Brow in Brown to fluff, tint, and tame. And then, because summer is forever, a little Haloscope Topaz for a bronze glow on the cheeks, temples, and bridge of the nose. According to Atlanta, this is the best way to get the most mileage out of any and all recent Grecian vacations.

And then... that's it! Go forth and brunch. May the weekend be with you.

Video shot by Tom Newton. Edited by Carrie Barber.