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A Cocktail For Spending Three Days In The Woods With Your Coworkers


Earlier this week, all of Glossier HQ went on a three-day retreat to the Berkshires for some team bonding, fresh air, and bubble soccer. We stayed at a boys overnight camp in Massachusetts that had everything you'd expect it to have: bunk beds covered in impressionist art, dirt roads, bonfires... Don't get us wrong, it was very picturesque, but we did come with some of our own provisions—namely, adult beverages. Tequila, because Wendy Rowe told us it was better for your skin than other clear alcohols, and rosé, because it's pink. Our mixology was nothing fancy of course (lime wedges don't make for easy campsite cleanup), but you can make a damn fine tequila cocktail with whatever you have lying around. Inpsiration is below.

(If you're the wine sort, just make sure to have a reliable corkscrew. If you break yours, like we did, you'll have a less-than-grand time pushing the corks into the bottles to open them. Either way, may we recommend a case from Winc? Or the very appropriate Summer Water, by the girls behind Yes Way Rosé? The latter had screw tops, thank God.)

Anyway, on to the harder stuff...

- 1 part Casamigos tequila blanco
- 1 part seltzer
- 2 parts citrus juice—we recommend grapefruit, but you can use anything. We had some bottles of Pressed Juicery lying around from the busride up, so we used that. The grapefruit/mint variety is perfect for this.

1. Find a clean Solo cup.
2. Eyeball not-too-much tequila into your cup.
3. Mix with juice, soda, etc.
4. Enjoy!

Photo via ITG.

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