What Are Your Humidity Hacks?


Dear readers,

I come to you today with a plea. The weather in New York is rough right now—the humidity is around 80% and boy, do I look it. As I write this, I am wearing a hat and sunglasses at my desk, hoping no one notices how poorly my corporeal form meshes with this climate.

Hair = poof
Skin = rosy and perenially shiny
Attitude = piss poor

There are plenty of humidity protectors and skin soothers on the market—but which of them are marketing and which of them are truly conforting as we descend into the ring of hell that promises to be the rest of August? I know we harp on hot weather a lot in these parts. But really—I'm over it. And I'm hoping products will save me from my misery.

And yes, I know I'm usually the one that's supposed to be doling out the advice in these difficult times. But all this Lindsay Lohan news has me feeling very Freaky Friday. Freaky Tuesday, even.

OK bye!

Photo via ITG.