Danielle Nachmani, Stylist & Founder, EDTN


"I've been a stylist for seven-plus years, and before that I was assisting, so I think I've fallen in love. [Laughs] I was fortunate to start working with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen early in my career and I had the opportunity to watch their brands become what they are. Since then, I've become really into developing younger brands. I also started Edtn recently, which is a creative content service that I shoot on my iPhone 6...or whatever the next one is that comes out. I like working with designers, and I wanted to create content for them to use on their social channels, websites, wherever. With all the platforms that brands have, they need content. And in a weird way, they’re kind of forced to only work with people that have large followings, and then they’re almost married to that personality. I understand that we live in a time where everyone wants to be a public person, but there’s a really strong group of people that just want to make really beautiful images. That's what I'm doing. Brands work with girls that have these massive followings, but then there are only so many. Do you know what I mean? Where is the girl I want to see? Every girl I shoot for EDTN is a girl that someone would be able to go up to on the street. I want it to be accessible.

My middle sister is a really big blogger [Something Navy's Arielle Charnas], and she's the one who pushed me to create that kind of content. My sisters and I all have our different things—Arielle is hair, Michaela is makeup—she works at Bobbi Brown—and I'm clothes. Every time I come to meet them at dinner they’re like, 'You couldn’t put on makeup?’ [Laughs] For me the routine is Bobbi Brown mascara, a Stila compact color on my cheeks, and Aquaphor on my lips. Aquaphor everywhere, actually. You know how in My Big Fat Greek Wedding the dad puts Windex on everything? That’s what Aquaphor is for me. It’s never not on me. I always have some form of it. Sometimes I’ll wear it as makeup on my eyelids for a night out.

And for brows I like Glossier Boy Brow. When I go to a makeup counter and they talk to me about brow pencils, I’m always like, this is too confusing and I’m gonna mess this up. I'm much more focused on skin. My father is from Tel Aviv so the sun loves me–I will wear SPF 50-plus all over my body and still get a deep tan. I use La Roche-Posay Antehelios Sunscreen, in the square bottle. Or I'll use Clear Choice Sport Sunscreen because it doubles as illuminator with some sheen. It's good on shoulders and hands every day... I can only find it online but it's worth it.

I’m a slave to moisturizer, too. I’ve been moisturizing since I was 11 or 12 with the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. During the summers, I use the Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask or an SK-II mask, and I alternate.

My hair is jet black naturally but I've been going grey since I was 21. Now I'm brunette, and I think it's a little harder than blond because it can go mousy very quickly. I got sent to Keith Shore at Sally Hershburger and he is now my hair guru. I use a 2-inch Conair Curling Iron just on my roots because I like to have a little bit more weight and the curl tends to weigh it down. And then I do a Davines Love Conditioner every Sunday, for an hour or two. I wash it maybe three times a week. I also do like a lavender oil bath probably 3 or 4 times a week. It’s like my ritual. For me it’s a really good time to like, focus, and like kind of just take time–sometimes I edit my photos in the bath. On my phone. It’s so risky but I do it anyway. But the whole time I’m holding it I’m like ‘This is the worst idea ever."

—as told to ITG

Danielle Nachmani photographed by Tom Newton.