The 10-Product Summer Beauty Routine

When you consider your current beauty product situation, it can be useful to think of it like a wardrobe. This is partially in an effort to lead a more curated lifestyle (see: stylist Ilona Hamer, who survives on a steady and edited product regimen) but mostly because, like clothes, beauty products are subject to more than just preference. Trends, sure. But also season—you've read it here before, but not every lipstick or moisturizer is fortified to withstand the summer. Pack your body soufflé away with your winter coat. See you in November, friends.

Of course wardrobe shopping, clothing or otherwise, is difficult. It requires a full assessment of what you need—and what needs to change. To save you roughly 30 minutes and at least two levels of frustration, below please find a completed shopping list that should cover most of your routine as it exists in the summer. The structure's all there, just with the customization of 10 better-in-the-heat products. They are as follows:

Foundation with SPF, for obvious reasons: Sulwhasoo Cushion Foundation

There are 1000 foundations with SPF on the market, so unless personal preference calls for it, there's no real need to layer moisturizer under sunscreen under makeup. But the real gem is one that does all three of those things (light coverage, with sun protection and skin perfecting benefits) without feeling like much at all. Sulwhasoo's Perfecting Cushion is full-coverage but featherweight, with an SPF of 50 (!), and it's a guaranteed 24 hours of face.

Lipstick with SPF, for less obvious reasons: YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick

Lip SPF is necessary, trust. YSL's Rogue Volupté is an excellent choice for 1) sexy packaging, 2) moisturizing formula, and 3) SPF 15. The pigment is buildable for added wearability—Ultimate Beige is a great flushed lip when applied and blotted, but very demure when layered on heavier. Works as blush in a pinch as well.

Mist with SPF, in case you didn't take the two earlier suggestions: Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist with Rosemary

In an ideal world, you're supposed to reapply SPF every two hours if you're in continual sun exposure. The only way you're going to do this and not screw up whatever nice makeup you left the house with is if you use this Supergoop's matte setting spray that refreshes your skin and your level of UV protection in one swift spritz.

An eye primer that has, you guessed it, some SPF: Clinique City Block Daily Face Protector

Because "summer makeup" doesn't mean "no makeup," you'll need something with a little adherence to make sure your makeup doesn't end up halfway down your face if you decide to leave your icebox of an office for a quick coffee run. Clinique's City Block Sheer is an unexpected winner in this department. The tinted formula provides a great base for eyeshadow with a slightly sticky finish. Also, SPF 25.

Waterproof eye makeup, for any and all impromptu swims: Diorshow Black Out Waterproof Mascara

But mostly for those situations when it's so hot that you're sweating buckets, or when it's so hot that you're crying because it's so hot. Nobody does waterproof better than Diorshow.

Moisturizer that absorbs excess oil: La Mer The Oil Absorbing Lotion

With the least sexy name of all of La Mer's products, La Mer The Oil Absorbing Lotion is an excellent light cream moisturizer that mattifies immediately upon application. For when you're afraid your AC isn't strong enough to keep your less-than-chilly room from ruining your nighttime skin routine and want to make sure you moisturizer works overtime.

Hair perfume, because it'll last longer than regular perfume: Byredo La Tulipe Hair Perfume

Yes, perfume lasts longer when you apply it to damp skin. And yes, perfume smells better when it heats up on your body. But no, your perfume probably cannot withstand those hot subway winds and and the brutal beating sun. Spray a little Byredo in your hair, however, and you'll have sillage for days. Or at least until you wash your hair.

The lightest oil imaginable, for taming inevitable flyaways: Sisley Paris Extract for Hair and Scalp

The living definition of a "dry oil," there's absolutely nothing greasy about this little vial from Sisley. Just hydration and minty smell. Smooth down frizz and nerves in one go!

After-sun balm, for after the sun: Clarins Baume Après-Soleil

It's important to find a body moisturizer you'll actually use in the summer for a couple of reasons. First of all, they almost always smell better than their winter counterparts. Secondly, it'll make your skin feel good despite all the AC, sun, and chlorine you're exposing yourself to on a regular basis. But most importantly, it'll prolong your tan. You heard that correctly: Clarins Baume Après-Soleil will give you summer skin for longer. Click purchase immediately.

A more luxurious shower gel, because you’re probably showering more: Diptyque Do Son Shower Oil

Summer is not the only time to invest in a hydrating body wash—water dries out skin, plain and simple. That said, summer seems to pull out the multiple-times-a-day shower-er in all of us, making Diptyque’s Do Son Shower Oil more imperative that just a tuberose-scented luxury. There’s no lather here, just smooth, moisturizing cleansing so that second shower is just as comforting as the first.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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