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5 Key Things That Will Make Your Apartment More Like The Line Amagansett


Home décor inspiration is in no short supply on the internet. In a word: Pinterest. In two more: Apartment Therapy. It's a world literally filled with thousands of pretty similar, but slightly different duvet covers. Now, that's a very plush place, but also very stressful. Decision fatigue is real, people.

This is why The Apartment by The Line exists. It's what happens when all those "Nancy Meyers Dream Kitchen" pin boards of yours suddenly get focused and become real. Vanessa Traina's built two of her very perfect, very shoppable locations in New York and in LA—and this summer she added on to the aesthetic empire. For the season, she's welcomed the The Line Amagansett into the mix, with its own Hamptons take on the notion of the perfect home.

Now, not everyone can escape the city with their Hamptons spouse and take refuge in their Hamptons house. BUT everyone can take some guidance from Ms. Traina's latest endeavor and make their current residence a bit more, shall we say, goal-oriented? Just a couple of easy fixes and your friends will be dying to shop out of your home. In no particular order...

Don't Forget To Dust

Cleaning your apartment is a given. Cleaning your apartment with panache however—that's luxury. Spend a little more on your tools (like an ostrich feather duster or a Swedish-designed dish brush and chances are you'll spend more time using them, too.

Not Everything Has To Be White

It's an easy misconception: More white—linens, furniture, assorted objet—means more money. In certain circumstances, sure. You do need a lot of time, at a minimum, to keep it all clean. But introduce a refined eye for color into your living space and it can be just as luxurious. See: accents of pink and green throughout the slideshow above.

Now Is The Time For Linen Bed Sheets

Really! Nothing says easy, breezy summer living as well as a laissez-luxe fabric like linen. Go monochrome with duvet and matching sheets.

Smell Better

Now that your apartment is cleaner, upgrade the airspace with high-end room scenting. Depending on preference, you could go for a Maison Louis Marie candle, a Coqui Coqui diffuser, scented bits of wax you can hide in drawers, or Le Labo laundry detergent to keep up that good, clean feeling.

Invest In Unexpected Texture

What your guests are expecting: cotton, cashmere, and the aforementioned linen. What they'll get in your newly refrubished home: all those things, with pops of reclaimed wood, suede and stainless steel. Fun fact: The Line Amagansett has a lending library full of Danielle Steele books (she's Vanessa Traina's mom). A nice touch, and also unexpected!

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