Deep Conditioning Is Easier Than Soulcycle


Two weeks ago, I went blond in the very masterful hands of Ion Studio. In those two weeks, I've learned a lot. Things like: Fun is not dependent on hair color, and if you're not doing anything for the next 20 minutes, you should probably be deep conditioning your new straw-hair.

In my former life as a brunette, I lavished on an occasional Friday evening with Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Reparative Hair Pak slathered on my curly hair while lazily catching up on Grace and Frankie. But the combination of higher-maintenance hair and bustling summer schedule has led me to search for more creative ways to multitask. Because really, who has the time (or the patience) to deep condition their hair post-shower in the evening, wake up, rinse it out, go to the gym, shower after class, then drag their soggy, sleep deprived self to work? Not me.

Instead of applying deep conditioner to my hair in the evenings and sleeping on it, I've switched to applying to dampened hair in the morning, braiding, heading to my favorite cult exercise establishment of the week, then rinsing after class. By eliminating the entire evening process of my routine, I gained precious sleep time without sacrificing the powerful effects of my favorite Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color.

Next to try: sheet masks on the train to work.

—Kelly Mittendorf

Photos via the author.

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