Beyoncé <3s Le Labo


We learned a lot of things from the premiere of Beyoncé's visual album Lemonade on HBO last Saturday. A lot of those things you probably already read about (Becky, Serena Williams can get it, etc.) What you didn't read about, and what we as ITG are particularly suited to tell you, is that Beyoncé loves fancy candles. Specifically, Le Labo Santal 26.

If you watched to the end (which, hello, of course you did—you're an American, after all) you may have noticed that during the sequence for "Sandcastles"—Lemonade's token moody ballad—she is burning not one, but TWO. At opposite ends of the same room. A veritable inferno of fashionable home fragrance. If Beyoncé prefers two lit candles at once for her piano room, I can only imagine the wax situation in the rest of her home. By my calculations, she must have four more burning in the master bath. Maybe she lights 20 of them for date night, stacked on top of one another in a pyramid. "I just love how they smell," she tells Jay, who is increasingly aware of a potential fire hazard.

However, if Beyoncé loves it, I love it. Go forth, Bey. May the blaze of a literal thousand Santal 26 candles light the way.

—Brennan Kilbane

Photo via Lemonade. You can watch the whole thing on Tidal. (You should absolutely watch the whole thing.)

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