Bethany Cosentino, Musician, Best Coast


“My skincare routine on tour is definitely different than my skincare routine at home. Touring is fun, but it’s also work. You’re going from city to city, you’re not sleeping very much, you are busy, and it can be a very unhealthy lifestyle. The recycled air on the bus isn’t good for sensitive skin. And when I was first starting out, there were times where I would get offstage and fall asleep, not wash my face, and then wake up with eight zits. It took a while to figure out a routine that was easy to keep up with but also worked like I needed it to.

I tend to bring a lot of face wipes with me because that’s a really easy way to cleanse, especially when you can’t wash your face with the water on the tour bus. The Derma E Hydrating Facial Wipes are great, and the Jason Makeup Remover Pads are good on makeup with glitter in it—you really have to get that off. I like that I can just do a couple movements on each eye, get the makeup off, and not worry about messing my eyes up with glitter. The Pacifica Coco Pure Wipes are also good for that—they make me feel really refreshed and clean. Derma E’s Hydrating Hyaluronic Mist is also great for when I can’t just splash my face from the sink.

When I do get a zit, Eradikate To-Go Acne Treatments are the best things ever. They’re just like little swabs, and you break them and it fills the end of the Q-Tip with the treatment. Anytime I get a zit—I tend to get hormonal ones on my chin area—you just dab it on and chill on the bus with the pink on your face. It looks like I have chicken pox or something, but it’s genius.

Being from California, I’m not really good at dealing with the cold. When I get really red or dry, I’m into this First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. But when that doesn’t work, La Mer Soft Cream is my secret weapon. A friend of mine was talking about La Mer, and I was like, 'That’s bullshit. I feel like it doesn’t work and it’s so expensive. Why would I want to spend that much money?' Then I started using it and I was like, oh wait. This stuff works. And you don’t need to use a lot of it. And that’s why I can validate spending that much on it—because I know that it’s going to last me for a long time.

My hair takes me the longest. It’s frizzy, wavy, and thick, so if I shampoo it, it gets insane. I go between using Wen and a natural coconut oil-based cream cleanser. I realized with those products, I don’t have to do the lather, rinse, repeat thing. My hair gets clean with less washing. Then to style it, I flatiron it and add the curl back in—which always makes me think, by the end of my set, why did I just do that? At the end of the show, it’s all flipped to the side and crazy any way.

To help me style it, I’ve been using Dandy Lion Mane Control from Global Mamas that’s made in Ghana. I went there on a trip and my hair was so frizzy that I kept using shea butter—but then I found this. On the bottle it says, ‘Tame your mane.’ And I very much consider myself to have a mane. When my hair is wet, I melt a little of it in my hands and run it through. It gives me some moisture without making me look greasy immediately.

My favorite dry shampoo is the Batiste Dry Shampoo—and I’ve tried them all. A lot of them will make your hair look gray if you use too much, but this one doesn’t ever do that. I always need to have it around in case I don’t get the chance to do my hair. And then kind of shamefully, I use Elnett… I think it’s really bad for the universe, but it keeps my hair out of my face on stage so I can actually see what I’m doing.

I do my own makeup for shows—unless you’re ballin’ with like a huge budget you don’t really get to go around with a glam squad—so I’ve narrowed it down to a few essentials. Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation is something my dermatologist recommended because it’s aloe vera-based and really light on the skin. It doesn’t make me break out, but it still covers really well. My under-eyes and eyelids are a little darker than the rest of my face, so I use First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy. It’s just an under-eye concealer, but it has a metal ball that helps massage it in and take down a bit of the puffiness. The Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener is also good for that—it makes me look alive. And then I just use Tarte Blush in Blissful and Bare Minerals Bareskin Perfecting Veil as a powder to finish. My favorite mascara is Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes. It’s not waterproof but it never runs. And I’ve had a really difficult time finding a mascara that I can play a set through without having Alice Cooper eyes.

My friend introduced me to the Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow, which is a little crazy—you have to use a liquid primer with it and then you mix it to activate the pigment. But it’s cool because a little bit goes a long way, so I can just dab a little and know that when I’m onstage the light is going to catch a piece of glitter and reflect it. The first time I used it I put so much on, and I was like, oh God, OK. I got the hang of it though, so now it's one of my go-tos.

If I’m trying to be super fancy, I’ll try a lip—even though I’m not crazy about lipstick on me. I have a very thin upper lip and I’ve tried the Kylie Jenner thing…but it doesn’t really work for me. I have one from Wet ‘n Wild that I got at CVS when I was going to get Q-Tips. I like a sort of ‘90s brown-red kind of color. And then I also have a lot of lipliners that match my shade of nude. Just something that makes it so people are like, oh, she has lips. Especially when you're going to get photographed with flash, you want to have some kind of color on because you don’t want it to look totally like there’s nothing there.

One thing I am obsessed with is eyebrows. If you ask anyone who’s worked with me on makeup about what look I like, the one they will say is, ‘She always asks for big eyebrows.’ I don’t let anyone pluck them—I like my brows the way they are. But I also like to fluff them and add something to it. The brow stuff I’m using right now is called Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Eyebrow Maker, from Korea. It’s cool because it’s like this little pen and it’s got a built-in brush so you can brush up, fill in, lengthen… It never smears or runs, either. Sometimes I set that with a wax I get from NYX and a brow brush to make them a little bushier.

For style inspiration, Stevie Nicks is like my ultimate—in every way, shape, and form. Onstage I try to be a little bit of a version of her and Liam Gallagher. And also Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star. One thing that kind of connects all of them is the tambourine. I feel like everyone in my band is like, ‘Why is this girl still playing the tambourine?’ I just like that it gives me something to do... And then style-wise I love Stevie’s sort of mystical vibe. It’s got a lot to do with confidence and that’s something we’ve developed as a band the past couple of years. Before, when I knew there were going to be photos at an event or something, it was always like, ‘What do you wear in photos?’ Or, ‘How do you do your hair?’ Now I’m a bit more comfortable with it. I don’t wear things that are tight to the point where I can’t play guitar and move around in—but I do like sparkles! Tonight we’re playing Terminal 5 in New York, which is an epic venue—I want to be shiny. I’ll probably throw on a couple extra dabs of the eyeshadow tonight.”

—as told to ITG

Bethany Cosentino photographed by Tom Newton at Terminal 5 in New York on February 18, 2016.

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