A Guide To The Three Essential Hair Brushes

which hair brush to use
which hair brush to use

Hair brushes are like investments. Not high risk, high reward investments like junk bonds. More like your savings account earning 0.01% over the course of a year. OK, maybe that sounds bad, but think about it: Your hair brush is not going to suddenly transform into Optimus Prime after you have it for a year. No, it's going to keep being your hair brush. And as long as you're moderately responsible with it (no violent hair-brush-microphone lip-syncing) it's going to be that same really good hair brush for a really long time.

But, there's another investment analogy here. You shouldn't invest in just any brush. You need to make an assessment of your current and future needs. To help, stylist (and colorist, too!) Gregorio Ruggeri has laid out a handy beginners guide. Chances are, what you need is going to fall into one of these three categories. Greg will lay the groundwork, and you can sound off in the comments:

For Wet Hair

'The most important brush of all would be for brushing your hair when wet or just coming out of the shower,” Greg says. “What you want for this is the Tangle Teezer. Use this by starting at the ends of the hair first and work your way up. There are various sizes depending on hair type. One of the best in the range is the Aqua Splash, which is better than the original in that it is easier to use and won’t slip out of your hands,”

For Styling

'My styling brush of choice will always be my YS Park. Depending on your hair needs, there will always be a brush here for you in their line. The Daruma 7 is my go-to for sleek volume blowouts. The G-Series is for more straightening, but be warned that when you first use this brush it creates INCREDIBLE tension when used for straightening,”

For Every Day

'The everyday brush would be my Mason Pearson Large Extra Military,” Greg says. Just like the ubiquitous Mason Pearson—boar bristles to distribute oils from scalp to ends and quality to last a lifetime—but without the handle. It makes style last longer, plus it's travel-friendly! And it makes you feel like a super serious Navy guy or something. Greg continues: “I've used it on every client I've had for the past 15 years. Yes, it's expensive, but it's exactly what you need to do a proper consultation and preparation for any appointment,”

Photo via ITG.

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