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47th Annual Academy Awards

Lauren Hutton

47th Annual Academy Awards

Lauren Hutton

I have a good relationship with my chest. At 30 years old, I've never believed that just because I'm getting older, my body has or will turn into a lackluster version of my 20-something self. But, full disclosure, I'm a 34C and paying attention to that, at this point in my life, is important.

And while I do actually care about my chest, I usually forget to take care of it. Women who know say the décolletage and bust are two of the most important places to never forget to moisturize. Yet I've been moisturizing everywhere but. I've been relying, instead, on my chest and pectoral muscles built up through years of practicing yoga. And it's true that those muscles keep your entire chest lifted and toned-looking, but the truth is gravity will still get you no matter what.

So when Associate Editor Emily Feber brought home (to the office) Sisley’s Phytobuste+Décolleté cream, I reached out for this little gem and asked a series of questions: What's the cost of something like this? ($285.) What's its main ingredient? (Sisley's trademark “botanical extracts' including oat seed, rye, centella asiatica, and walnut leaf/seed extracts.) And, should I use it? (Yes.)

Morning and night, for three weeks, I've applied the cream over my neck and chest and found the formula to be clean-feeling, soothing, and also truly firming. After a few days, Emily checked in on how I was applying it—the Sisley rep had explained that a figure-8 around your breasts and back again was most effective. OK—I did that. And I kept the ritual up. The firm results are legit. I even asked my roommate to give the process a try to doubly confirm my analysis. She concurred.

Now, add in the price factor. Spending money on cream for your boobs might feel a bit suspicious, especially considering basic lotion has seemingly done the trick up until now, but it's not a ruse. Once the cream is absorbed, you can actually feel it working—so much so that I find myself tempted to explore its potential other uses and put it all over my face. Stand by.

—Jen Steele

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