Jenni Kayne Takes On The Laundress


You know how at the beginning of a yoga class the instructor prepares you to go through the session “with intention'? Well, think of designer Jenni Kayne—with the help of the fine people behind The Laundress—as that instructor, but instead of talking about your yoga practice, she's talking about how you do your laundry.

Launching today, Kayne's collaboration with the eco-friendly laundry detergent line is prepared to make your sheets, your intimates, and your other washables smell like Lavender Musk. Unlike the detergents with major network commercial airtime that promise a scent so strong they literally whisk the poor actress off her feet when all she wanted to do was neatly fold a fitted sheet, this fragrance is unobtrusive. It's still lovely, though—a little like that baby shampoo you might be using to launder your bras, but more sophisticated.

There's not much of a lather (if you're going the wash-by-hand route); it's more of a delicate bubble. And honestly, it's more elegant that way. Because when you think about what's standing between you and doing your laundry more often, it was definitely the elegance factor.

Photographed by Tom Newton. In Other Things That Are Fancy And Smell Good: Cire Trudon Giant Matches.