How To Rid Yourself Of Unwanted Perfume, Fast


Top notes exist for a reason—but those reasons aren't always pure. Hopefully it's not often, but there are times one will find oneself in the throes of a department store scent counter marathon and one spritz won't smell as sweet as the rest. It's an understandable mistake—some bottles are too pretty not to spray, caution thrown to the wind and whatnot. Hey, if it looks pretty, it's gotta smell pretty too, right? Not always the case. For those caught in their own cloud of aldehydic torture—or, more broadly, have ever been faced with wanting to remove the scent of a tested perfume—a quick tip: Coffee grounds.

Rub some un-brewed coffee grounds on the spot—most likely the wrist—which works double-time as an exfoliating hand treatment. Then wash it off with soap and water and, presto, you have scent-free hands. Live to spray another day.

Photo by ITG. Read a full compilation of ITG's best beauty tips right here.