BioRecept Lands In The States


Say what you will about globalization, it's hard not to be a fan when it means that my long lost French pharmacy standby BioRecept can find shelf space in the US of A, and I can stop fantasizing about taking the Concorde just to stock up on moisturizer. (This, I'll admit, is a nasty side effect to growing up partially in Paris—from the ages of 8 to 12, I hoarded bottles of Bioderma and Evian Mineral Water Spray instead of Lip Smackers and Hard Candy. When I came back to the states, I was completely and utterly spoiled product-wise.) But the point is: BioRecept, one of my beloved Parisian brands, will be carried—and shipped in American—exclusively by Ayla Beauty. When I found out, I pre-ordered immediately.

BioRecept is the brainchild of superstar skincare formulator and pharmacist (she works at Parisian-product mecca Citypharma) Anne Dupouy-Camet. The inspiration: her model sons and their fashion industry friends whose lifestyles involve late nights, unhealthy diets, and a whole lot of cigarette smoking. In an attempt to help them eradicate what she calls their grise mine (that tired, gray look that comes from too many late night fêtes), she started custom formulating a line of products all super high in hyaluronic acid. Think plump, moisturized skin (hyaluronic acid is also an ingredient in Restylane and Juvéderm fillers) that's also working to reverse free-radical damage. And herein lies the reason for my enthusiasm.

The no-nonsense packaging is a pretty good indicator for what's inside—the three moisturizers, Bouclier Bio (for day) and the BioStrata de Peau and Booster Bio (for night), are minimally scented, rich creams that soak in sans greasy residue. They're easy on sensitive skin (the Bouclier Bio for day features aloe vera, jojoba and vitamin E) but hardworking when they need to be (nighttime BioStrata de Peau gives you a gentle stinging sensation on contact that quickly wears off). Then there's the shea butter-based Booster Bio balm for extra smoothing. Add in Dupouy-Camet's recommended hyaluronic acid supplements from Biocyte, (which will also be carried on Ayla) and no grise mine for me.

According to Ayla’s founder, I’m not the only one who's over the moon about the easy access to BioRecpt: “Every single person who has tested these products has fallen in love with them,” Dara Kennedy said. Perhaps it’s the clean, quality ingredients sourced straight from the French Alps, or maybe it’s a certain French je ne sais quoi. Either way, you've been warned.

—Victoria Lewis

Photos courtesy of the author.