A 7-Day Manicure, Thanks To Rejuvacote


Over the weekend I ordered my second bottle of Duri Rejuvacote nail strengthener, recommended by my friend, the manicurist and Taylor Swift-approved female rapper. “It’s the best,” was all that she said. I’d dragged her to a licensed technician-only beauty supply shop in Queens so that I could buy bedroom essentials like an acrylic nail polish wall display and a wax warmer. I figured I’d make the most of our trip and dropped the extra $8.

She was right: Rejuvacote is the best. But not just as a nail strengthener, it’s the best base coat I’ve used—ever. Pair with a trusty layer of Seche Vite topcoat, and nail polish will last seven days on my fingers without chipping or peeling. SEVEN DAYS. Just be sure to not set it up for failure by lotioning or oiling up your bare nails before applying. They should be totally clean and dry. For my toes, we’re talking more like weeks—my nails grow faster than the polish wears off. Seriously, you’ll get bored of the color before it starts jumping ship, making a second bottle of Rejuvacote the one thing I bought this week. Though this time, I ordered the 3-free Rejuvacote 2 (on eBay)—we'll see if the magic's still there without the formaldehyde.

—Annie Kreighbaum

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