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Dance Your Way Through The Bollywood Workout

This weekend, all your Bollywood dreams can come true, courtesy of Priya Pandya and her workout studio, Doonya. Based on traditional Indian Bhangra with some contemporary influence like hip hop thrown in, the high-energy routine is a cardio set even the most jogging-averse people can get behind.

As if it didn't already sound like something you needed in your life, Doonya is socially conscious, too. Priya said one of her main reasons for opening the studio was to educate women all around the world about staying fit (her own videos are internationally viral). In India, knowledge about leading a healthy lifestyle isn't as widespread, and Bollywood dance is an accessible way to spread to message to women everywhere.

So clear some space in your living room, turn up the volume (or pipe in your own tunes...maybe “7/11'?), and start moving. Shoes optional.

The Weekend Workout is a regular series at Into The Gloss, focused on bringing some of the most effective workouts into your living room, basement, or really anywhere else you like being active. Tune back in each week for new routines. Produced by Maya Margolina.