How To Fake The Pregnancy Glow


Sometimes pregnancy is awesome (feeling my baby kick makes me indescribably happy). Sometimes, though, I find myself either hovering over a toilet or unable to leave my bed (my first trimester). Then come the restrictions (bye, sushi) along with the hormone fluctuations that have proven to be quite the roller coaster ride for my skin. And thus, I've been relying on these five products that have helped tremendously in making myself look—and feel—like my old self.

The “Pregnancy' Glow

People will say that you glow. You will feel the opposite of every feeling that could possibly be associated with the word “glowing.” I like to ensure that I'm optimizing whatever visual glowiness everyone says they're seeing with RMS Living Luminizer that I know makes my skin look dewy and bouncy (even after that morning sickness I was talking about).

Gentle Facials

Hormones can make you cry at commercials with animals in them. Hormones can also provide you with a fresh new crop of blemishes. Fun. Monthly facials have been a lifesaver for me (just make sure that your esthetician knows you're pregnant so they take it easy with your highly sensitive, hormone-stressed skin).

Heavy-Duty, Easy-To-Use Spot Concealer

The aforementioned facials mean there is bit of down time after extractions: This heavy duty Liquid TimeBalm Spot Concealer covers up redness like a dream. I dab a little bit onto my face with my fingers and blend any obvious edges. And I have a feeling this will be a favorite product during those sleepless nights post-pregnancy, too.

Bright Lipstick

It's amazing what a bright lipstick can do for your mood. Hands down, my favorite vibrant color is Rio Rio from Topshop. It’s an orange-ish red that pops and makes it look like I spent a lot more time getting ready than I actually did.


Did you know self-tanners are off-limits while pregnant? I'd relied on my TanTowels for years and suddenly felt unnaturally pasty for someone that lives in Los Angeles. Then I found Armani Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer. An eraser head-sized drop placed along my hairline, under my cheekbones, and on my eyelids makes me look like I've been outside lately.

—Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere

Photographed by Tom Newton.