Do You Wear Workout Gear Everywhere But The Gym?


There’s no feeling I like better than slipping on a sports bra—it must be something about the tight spandex and probably a swaddling fixation long held over from my youth (Freud said something about that, right?). Plus I find the neon colors available immensely more satisfying than than my usual black lace when peeking out from underneath my t-shirt.

So I have this routine: get home, frantically yank off all my real-person-who-greets-the-day-fully-dressed clothes, dive for the workout wear drawer in my dresser and have at it. Right now, it’s Champion skinny-strap sports bras, accompanied by Gap Body activewear—seriously the best, I can’t even talk about how good their leggings are. And I stay this way for as long I as I can, which now includes all hours spent unconscious, running errands on the weekends, or otherwise not at the office (Though, hey work friends, that might change! Consider yourselves forewarned).

Just one teensy tiny itty bitty little thing is missing: the workout. I don’t really do one…with any regularity at least. And yet, here I am, perusing the activewear racks, in search of new nylon blends that will shrink-wrap snuggle my body like a good boyfriend.

So tell me, friends, do you do this? Is it as normal as I think (hope) it is? And if not, when do you wear your workout clothes? Do you reserve them solely for physical fitness? Or do you use them as casual wear, out to brunch on Sunday, with the hopes of making everyone on the street think you’ve got the time to find a gym, sign up for classes, make it to those classes, and emerge alive—instead of staying in bed for a really satisfying extra hour.

—Emily Ferber

Hannah Bronfman photographed by Emily Weiss.